The most unpopular lingerie gifts revealed, from crotch-less knickers to edible undies

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle
16 November 2012

When it comes to choosing lingerie for their partner, it seems British men are, well, pants.

 It’s thought around £100 million worth of underwear sets bought as gifts are currently untouched in women’s drawers, with one in five admitting they’ve never worn their partners’ gift (and a further quarter only wearing it once).

In a poll by Fox & Rose, the most unappreciated lingerie gifts were found to be crotch-less knickers and leather or PVC sets followed by edible undies and fishnets. 

Predictably, the Fifty Shades of Grey phase as led to an increase of bondage-inspired buying, but judging by the types of apparel most unwanted by women, hopeful men may well be wasting their money.

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Amanda Lorenzani, co-founder of Fox & Rose, admits she has sympathy for men entering the ‘confusing and intimidating world’ of lingerie. She advises they do their homework before buying the first thing that catches their eye.

“Men should ask themselves, is my partner a fashion trendsetter or a classic dresser?” she says. “What’s her personality type - wild and dominating or demure and dainty?”

And Y Lifestyle would add that if it’s a Christmas present, chaps, remember that it’s for her and not you!

To ensure you get the lingerie set you deserve this year, Fox & Rose has some tips to pass on to your partner:

1. Know Her Size

Check her underwear drawer to get the right sizes for both bra and knickers. If you really can’t find out, don’t risk it - choose a beautiful silk robe.

2. Be Taste Sensitive

This will bring you serious brownie points as it’ll show you’ve paid attention. What style of knicker does she normally wear? Does she like little thongs, short style knickers or a classic lace knicker? You might be a big fan of red suspenders, but don’t try and tempt her out of her comfort zone if she prefers a more classic style.

3. Make It Special

Designer lingerie is a treat. Most women enjoy receiving beautiful underwear they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves so don’t be afraid to pick something different, expensive or luxurious.

4. Be Practical

Ask for help – whether you’re buying on or offline. Most retailers are used to helping out their male customers so don’t  feel embarrassed: they are there to help you pick the perfect gift! And don’t forget to opt for the gift wrapping…stunning packaging elevates any pressie.

What’s the worst lingerie present you’ve ever received? Tell us on Twitter, #Ypants

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