‘Worst year of my life’: Louise Thompson waves goodbye to 2022 with candid Instagram post


Louise Thompson has marked the new year by waving goodbye to the “worst year of [her] life” in a social media post.

The blurry photograph shows Thompson with her one-year-old son, Leo-Hunter, pictured on her shoulders.

It was accompanied by a length caption in which Thompson, 32, reflected on 2022.

“A snapshot to sum up my year, a blur,” the former Made in Chelsea star began.

“I wrote a reflective caption which I lined up to post yesterday but I haven’t felt brave enough to share it. Maybe tomorrow, but for today just a big fat kiss goodbye to the worst year of my life.

“I’m sure a lot of you will have something to say about that sentiment, but I’ve gone ahead and said it anyway. I can’t lie.”

Thompson continued: “Obviously connecting with my beautiful son and laughing with him has provided me with a joy like no other (and also in a weird contradictory way made it the best year of my life).

“There’s no doubt that the joy has been amplified by the extreme suffering at the other end of the spectrum.”

Thompson continued: “I think I’m ready to say goodbye. I’m going to finally try some proper trauma therapy.”

She went on to conclude that she wants a more balanced life. “It might sound weird but I desperately want to live a more muted experience of the world. Less wild ups and downs. More cruising and a bit more relaxing,” wrote Thompson.

“I’m not that happy with this current paradigm so I’m going to keep making changes. I’m not going to give up trying. I have tried a lot, but there is still more to try.”

Thompson has been open about her life on social media, revealing that she was recently diagnosed with Lupus.

She has also been struggling with mental health problems, PTSD, and post-natal anxiety since the difficult birth of Leo.

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