Top five worst diets of 2012 revealed

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle
23 November 2012

The worst diets of the year have been revealed and unsurprisingly the bonkers Six Weeks to OMG is a new entry. The Dukan tops the British Dieteic Association’s list, which also includes a diet based on alcohol and two that rely on drip feeding.

1. The Dukan Diet

Last year Carol Middleton’s reported go-to diet was decided most dodgy by the association. And it’s at number one again this year.

The Dukan Diet is a complicated programme in four phases that involves eating only particular food groups during each phase and restricting others. It encourages fast weight loss but bad nutrition. The BDA slams it for being unsustainable and says there is “little solid science behind this”. It also comes with side effects including constipation and bad breath. Which is surely enough to put anyone off!

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2. The KEN Diet

New in at number two is the first of two diets that promotes drip feeding to keep calories low. The Kentogenic Enteral Nutrition (KEN) Diet means you don’t eat anything for ten days and consume just 260 calories in a liquid solution through your nose.

Those on the diet have to carry around the solution and pump with them and can only unhook themselves for short periods to enjoy a treat – such as an unsweetened herbal tea. Laxatives are also necessary as the diet contains no fibre. The BDA expressed amazement that healthy people would opt for this type of treatment – usually used for seriously ill patients.

3. ‘Party Girl’ IV Drip Diet

Rihanna and Simon Cowell reportedly keep trim using the ‘Party Girl’ IV Drip Diet. It involves a solution containing vitamins B and C and minerals magnesium and calcium injected via IV to perk up those who are feeling run down.

The BDA doubts this works and warns side effects include dizziness, infection, inflammation and possible anaphylactic shock.

4. The Alcorexia/Drunkorexia diet

The alcohol-based alcorexia or drunkorexia diet makes the list for another year running. Proponents of it eat very little during the day or week, preferring to ‘save’ all the calories and ‘spend’ them on alcohol.

The BDA brands this diet ‘absolutely stupid’. Not only does alcohol contain very little nutrition apart from calories, your hangovers will be horrendous and you could easily end up with alcohol poisoning. Plus, if you drink enough you’ll still over do the calories and may not lose any weight at all. Pointless.

5. The Six weeks to OMG diet

When we heard about this earlier in the year we were shocked. It advocates swapping veg for fizzy drinks and suggests you have regular ice baths to encourage your body to burn fat to keep you warm.

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The author of the plan admits it’s not a long-term solution, but even in the short term it’s pretty barmy. The BDA says the ‘research’ behind the book is unbalanced and selective and that following rules and observing ‘competitive’ dieting behaviour is extremely unhealthy.

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