The five worst Christmas travel stories

Snowed in for three weeks

The British village of Cow Ark has been nicknamed the ‘Forgotten Village’ because last Christmas families were cut off for three, very long weeks. From December 17th the snow fell heavily, the main roads into the village became blocked and the council refused to grit the road. However, just like a cheesy Christmas special, a few plucky villagers saved Christmas for Cow Ark. One man used his quad bike to battle through the treacherous roads and got supplies. Even more heroically, a pensioner dusted off his sledge and made a 10-mile round trip on foot to stock up on the much needed festive fare. Fingers crossed the journeys for the residents of Cow Ark will be a little less adventurous this Christmas.

When running goes wrong

Although most would never dream of going for a run on Christmas Eve, one undaunted gentleman from Southwark set off into the chilly day to burn off his lavish dinner. However, after popping into some local, council toilets he found that he had been locked in by an attendant. Shockingly, no one came to rescue him. Facing freezing, December temperatures the man was forced to wrap up in a bin bag and toilet paper. He also sat under the hand dryers to try to stay warm. Having left his mobile phone at home he could not call anyone for help. So whilst Britain partied and celebrated the start of Christmas day, he had nothing to do but wait.  After 17 hours the man was finally rescued and began Christmas a little later than expected.

Home away from home

We’ve all dreamed of having a second home; maybe somewhere in the Bahamas, the Mediterranean or even fun and friendly Florida. Not many of us, however, ever dreamt of having a second home at an airport. But for thousands of people last year, Europe’s airports were where the Christmas season was spent. Some 200 people slept overnight at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, where 400 flights were cancelled. Don’t worry though; Father Christmas did not forget the weary travelers. He and Rudolph stopped off at the terminal building and delivered camp beds and blankets. Santa’s German buddy, Weihnachtsmann, also generously sent a tanker shipped with extra anti-freeze, which helped travelers get home safely.

Stuck up a mountain

In early December a family from Idaho set off up a mountain in search of the best Christmas tree. They took their truck and thought they knew the route. However, after taking a wrong turn the truck became stuck; meaning that the family of six was stranded. After not returning home, the Idaho State Police, the Elmore County Search and Rescue and their family and friends were called to help search for the missing tree hunters. Thankfully the family were prepared and had packed coats, gloves, boots and food in case of an emergency. When morning came Justin, the dad of the stranded family, walked to find help.  After receiving the call the search party became a rescue party and, although treeless, the family returned safely.

Road rage

We all know that feeling of sitting in traffic. Cars are snaking back off of the motorway as far as you can see. The radio presenters are screeching away and the person in the car behind you is hitting their horn. With many of us taking long journeys in the car over Christmas, traffic jams are commonplace, and so are incidents of road rage. For one man in Idaho last year the stress was just too much. The Blaine County man ended up in a cell after furiously losing his temper. At first he confronted the other driver, but then the 45-year-old man punched out, breaking the other driver’s nose and cutting their lip. With more than 90 million Americans planning to travel at least 50 miles from home during the Christmas holiday, be warned. Read more on
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