The World's Most Expensive Bentley: Renowned Artist Covers Motor In $9.2M Worth Of Diamonds

A British artist has created the world's most expensive Bentley - by covering it in $9.2M worth of diamonds. Debbie Wingham is globally renowned for her extravagant creations designed especially for clients but this time sought help from a company to transform her own $400k Bentley GT Speedster into a most expensive creation. Wingham hired high-end vehicle makeover specialists Andertons to complete the Bentley's high-end transformation. The priciest additions to this sophisticated vehicle are a $6.7M four-carat pink steering wheel diamond and air vent release systems decorated with two three-carat black diamonds worth $578,650. There's also a diamond-encrusted gear stick valued at $1.7M, a diamond-edged dashboard, diamond dust caps and a hand-stitched diamond leather interior effect. The keys to this expensive Bentley are sculpted from gold, shining with diamonds, and connected with a Cartier pendant. Wingham is a world-renowned designer and artist known as the “Queen of the World's most expensive.” Upon completion the Bentley was issued with a C.O.A like a fine art piece.