Our verdict on the world’s first silicone-lube friendly vibe

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This vibe is compatible with silicone lube!Hearst Owned

Here’s a little known fact: different types of lube will only work with certain sex toys, especially silicone lube. It just isn’t compatible with silicone toys and not many people know this. Which actually sucks, because silicone lube is great — it’s extra slippery, feels great, and is what coats most condoms — but no one wants their toys to get ruined by using the wrong lube.

Enter NeoSilicone, an amazing innovation in the world of sextech. It’s silicone that won’t break down or become all stained and melty if you use it with silicone lube. Honestly, we’re actually surprised it took sex toy creators so long to come up with this. Although when you think about it, we haven’t really been using silicone to make sex toys for *that* long.

Why can’t you use silicone lube with sex toys?

Silicone changed the game in the mid-00s, and, as a result, sex toys got much safer to use. Medical-grade body-safe silicone was the one, because it meant no microplastics, BPAs, or other chemicals that could potentially enter your body and affect your vaginal health. Toys were safer and more regulated than ever.

But unfortunately, even though we stan silicone, the surface of a normal silicone sex toy will melt when it comes into contact with silicone lube — trust us, we’ve learned that the hard way. And well, that’s a problem, because silicone lubes tend to be superior to water and oil-based ones due to how slippery they are and how well they hold moisture.

Using silicone on silicone is kinda dangerous because once the surface of your favourite dildo becomes compromised, bacteria can get into the newly porus surface and it’ll all become kind of melty and sticky — not something you want to be putting anywhere near your most sensitive parts!

So, when we heard about NeoSilicone, we immediately decided to test the range from sustainable sex toy brand Love Not War to see if our fave silicone lube and a chic new vibe could really be a match made in heaven...

Everything you need to know about NeoSilicone sex toys

Love Not War explain that the principle for NeoSilicone already existed in, er, the aerospace industry (so we have aviation to thank!), where there’s a need for high quality lubricants to be used alongside strong and durable materials. As there’s a need for that in the sex toy industry too — getting off is just as important as going up — Love Not War spent two years developing their own version of the compound. The material feels the same as the brand’s original silicone toys, but better, especially when lubed up. And FYI you’ll only find NeoSilicone exclusively in Love Not War’s toys, which are now all made with it.

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Are NeoSilicone sexy toys worth it?

I was off to a good start with the NeoSilicone toys because the whole range is customisable and compatible with the LNW motor handles, which I already had in my collection. Love Not War have basically created one of the most sustainable sex toy brands ever, because all you need is one handle that holds a very powerful motor, and you simply swap the heads out depending on your mood.

First, I went for the mini wand head — the KOI. Personally, this is my favourite attachment for the LNW handle. It’s a great all-rounder and hits a larger surface area of your external clit and your vulva. Plus, for a small toy, it’s very rumbly and powerful.

The silicone lube — I tried this with Uberlube — coated the attachment perfectly, didn’t stick or pill, and didn’t dry out either. There was no scent and the silicone on silicone gave the most beautiful gliding sensation. No complaints so far.

Next, I tried the LIEBE attachment — a G-spot vibrator head with a sexy curve and flat tip for massaging your most sensitive internal spot. I was a little worried about this one. I know this vibe is totally safe and certified and that’s what’s so exciting about it. However, I’ve never used silicone lube with a silicone G-spot toy, not after I had a terrible experience with a rabbit vibe a few years ago, so I was a little hesitant.

But that slippery glide came through again, and the toy was super sturdy and easy to clean afterwards. Basically an ideal first-time G-spot toy. It has the narrowness, the flat tip (so you’re not poking yourself uncomfortably), and for anyone experimenting with penetration and G-spot stimulation for the first time, the silicone lube provides that extra wet, slippery, silky entry for comfort and easy manoeuvring — you’ve gotta think about these things when you’re buying a toy for the first time.

Finally, I road-tested the LASKA attachment — a bunny-ear vibe for external use. Being able to use silicone lube for external play is amazing. The lube will carry the toy so much further so you don’t really need to do much with your hands. It’s also an amazing conductor of vibration so you’ll feel more.

The verdict

It’s a yes from us and obviously, being able to pair the lube with a range of different types of toy is a massive bonus. Can you imagine being limited to just one type? No thank you. The only drawback is obviously that Love Not War don’t offer a rabbit-style vibe or a suction toy, but for the time being? Vibing with the attachments on offer works pretty well for us.

Always remember to check the label to find out what your toys are made from and what they’re compatible with, and if in doubt, pop a condom on your toys. Just make sure the condom isn’t also coated in silicone lube. If you’re not sure, check out our handy guide to condoms. So many sex facts, so little time...

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