World's biggest iceberg A68a tracked by RAF as it heads towards remote island

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An RAF reconnaissance aircraft has captured images of the world's largest iceberg as it heads towards the island of South Georgia.

The 4,200-sq-km block, known as A68a, is currently travelling through the Southern Antarctic Front.

The A400M captured details of the cracks and fissures within the main body of the iceberg as well as ice debris in the surrounding waters.

"I know I speak on behalf of all of the crew involved when I say this is certainly a unique and unforgettable task to be involved in," said Squadron Leader Michael Wilkinson.

The sheer size of A68a meant it was impossible to capture its entirety in one single shot from the A400M.

The imagery, video footage and visual observations will all assist in predicting the iceberg's future behaviour and working out the scale of the threat to the local area.

If A68a hits ground around South Georgia, it could cause considerable difficulties for the island's seals and penguins as they try to get out to sea to find fish and krill.