What is World Water Week and how can I join in?

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We know the climate crisis is at a critical point. In the last few weeks alone, the world has seen wildfires and flash floods cause devastation. But how does the crisis specifically impact global water issues? That’s the main question being examined at this year’s World Water Week.

The event is a chance to look at our relationship with natural resources such as water from all angles, and discuss how we can improve conditions for people all over the world. The conference runs this week (23-27 August 2021), so let’s take a look at everything you need to know about it.

What is World Water Week?

World Water Week in Stockholm was founded by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in 1991. The five-day event is now the world’s leading water conference, addressing water, development and sustainability issues, and related concerns of international development.

A mix of students, CEOs, politicians, grassroot groups, researchers, intergovernmental organisations, and many others from over 130 countries are included on the event’s programme. The conference aims to link practice, science, policy and decision-making through an open and dynamic platform.

What is World Water Week 2021 focusing on?

Each year, World Water Week focuses on a different theme. The 2021 theme is Building Resilience Faster, which addresses the climate crisis, along with other current challenges such as water scarcity, food security and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SIWI explains: “Within a decade, we must rethink everything from how we grow food and generate energy to how we travel and use natural resources. This will require innovation on an epic scale and collaboration between people from all over the world with many different skills and backgrounds. Since all these transformations are closely linked to water, World Water Week has an important role to play as a meeting place for collaboration and learning.”

How can I get involved in World Water Week 2021?

Stockholm World Water Week 2021 will go fully digital. Anyone can order a free ticket online and tune into over 400 sessions on a broad range of topics. Alternatively, you can pay for a Networking Pass that allows you to mingle, join post-session conversations and attend networking events.

Where can I find the schedule for World Water Week 2021?

The events you can join include Using Holistic Thinking to be "Water Positive" by 2030, Changing engrained behaviours and established narratives and Water: the final frontier for women’s economic empowerment.

Find the full schedule of sessions on the SIWI website.

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