World View's Space Balloon Will Offer Commercial Rides Into Stratosphere For $50k

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An incredible balloon-carried capsule is set to begin ferrying passengers into the stratosphere in 2024.

Arizona-based company World View wants to carry participants of all ages and physical conditions in their futuristic helium-filled balloon which will see them floating above some of the most astonishing landmarks on the planet.

From this point, travellers can experience contrast: feeling the earth's curvature while experiencing the total darkness of space. The voyage starts by visiting the site the flight will begin, spending days with local guides exploring the history and the beauty of the area. When the capsule is raised, it reaches altitudes over 100,000 feet, immersing the passengers into mesmerising views.

After its first spaceport at the Grand Canyon, the balloon then travels over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Serengeti in Kenya, the Aurora Borealis in Norway, the Giza pyramids in Egypt, Amazonia in Brazil, and the Great Wall of China in Mongolia.

Each polyethylene balloon can only be used once, but the company has several recycling options for the material and a 100-year plan for minimising the impact of its operations. World View's explorer capsule is designed to provide a first-class inflight experience. The vehicle occupies a spacious cabin with luxurious, ergonomic seating, while the huge glazing provides sweeping views opening towards our planet's beauty and fragility.

The vehicle is outfitted with eight reclining seats, personal monitors, in-capsule dining, and other comforts. The experience is enriched by on-board video cameras that capture every moment, and powerful telescopes to zoom in on the world below and the stars above. "World View's ambition is to change the conversation around space tourism.' explains Ryan Hartman, World View's President and CE. "It's not just a joyride, it's so much bigger and more important than that. By designing a space tourism experience that is more affordable and more accessible to more people, we're hoping to give as many humans as possible the chance to see our planet from unprecedented new heights.'

"We're redefining space tourism for participants by spending hours at apogee, building memories around some of earth's most magnificent wonders." The capsule is undergoing a redesign to add amenities, so testing will take place in 2023 with tourism duty starting in 2024, according to the company. World View is taking $500 deposits now to hold spots.

The final price is $50,000 a seat.

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