Would you try the world's spiciest pizza? Dangerous 12-inch dish contains 'heart attack chillis' and has made customers' tongues bleed

The ominously-named ‘Death By Pizza’ uses a secret sauce containing the world's hottest chilli and tops an almighty 12 MILLION units on the scoville heat scale

A restaurant has unveiled what is thought to be the world’s spiciest pizza - which is so hot it has made customers’ tongues bleed.

The ominously-named ‘Death By Pizza’ uses a secret sauce containing the world's hottest chilli and tops an almighty 12 MILLION units on the scoville heat scale.

The pizza is so dangerous to make it has to be prepared by chefs wearing face masks, and is stronger than anti-riot grenades and tear gas used by the military. 

The 12-inch terror is stuffed with 20 Trinidadian moruga scorpion chillies which are so hot they have been known to cause heart attacks.

Anyone brave enough to on the pizza wins £20 in cash - if they finish it in 30 minutes and drink no more than one pint of liquid.

However participants must sign a disclaimer before eating due to the 'risk of injury or even death.'

The dangerous dish is the brainchild of James Broderick, 29, who owns Little Italy Pizza Company in Sleaford, Lincs.

James said: “We start with the usual pizza base and cheese, but sandwiched between the two is a layer of 12 million scoville pizza sauce.

'This compares to police pepper spray which is ranked at a mere five million on the scoville scale for measuring the heat of chillies.

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'There are 4oz of the hot stuff in each 12 inch pizza but there's other ingredients which means although it is very hot it is also very flavoursome.

'We are confident with the record that currently stands that we have the world's hottest pizza.

'But we're sending it off to a university to allow experts to officially confirm this for us. 

Guinness World Records awarded the hottest pizza last year to Paul Brayshaw of Paul’s Pizza in Brighton, East Sussex.

Mr Brayshaw's version measures five million on the scoville scale meaning James' pizza is more than double the heat.

He added: 'If were going to do this there's no point making it the second of third hottest in the world - we've blown the competition out the water.

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'Only twelve people have tried it and failed since we launched it on Tuesday (4/1) but we expect a few more brave souls will get involved.

'One customer actually physically bled from the tongue - it's not for the faint of heart.'

The pizza also consists of mozzarella, a herb sauce, a normal tomato base and a topping of the customer’s choice.

One taster of the pizza was so overwhelmed with the spices she was unable to finish one slice.

Customer Lucy Archer, 28, said: 'It's absolutely ridiculously hot - I've never known anything like it. It made me feel dizzy, I couldn't finish it.

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'It would be a miracle if anybody managed to eat this entire pizza - I felt like I was going to faint.'

* Last February experts at New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute confirmed Trinidad's Moruga Scorpion chilli was the hottest on the planet.

The golf ball-sized pepper scored the highest among a handful of chilli breeds reputed to be among the hottest in the world.