World Rum Day: Do it right with these cocktail shakers, recipes and liquor-infused treats

Louise Whitbread
Have your cocktail-making tools at the ready and get mixing mouth-watering drinks made with rum: iStock/The Independent

This Saturday, 11 July, marks World Rum Day, an annual event that was created by the World Rum Guide.

It’s a day designed to bring rum-lovers, bars and distilleries together to celebrate the popular drink. Find out more on how to get involved here.

Rum is a versatile spirit that forms the basis for many great cocktails, from mojito’s to piña colada and comes in many different variations including unaged rums that are typically light, those with a sugar-cane base, spicy rum, tropical or “funky” rum which comes from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and richer styles that can be drunk neat or poured over dessert.

However you like yours, there’s a tool, mixer and glassware that can compliment it, which we’ve compiled ahead in our guide to enjoying rum-based cocktails in the best way possible.

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A cocktail shaker is a trusty bar tool for your at-home mixology attempts. Although not every cocktail needs a vigorous shake, mojitos actually prefer a muddle, a wide range, from the classic daiquiri to the more modern picante, simply cannot be made without one.

We found in our guide to the best cocktail shakers that this AG stainless steel cocktail shaker (Master of Malt, £34.95) really hits the spot.nd

Japanese cocktail shakers are often considered some of the best in the world and this high-quality piece of kit is no exception.

An essential for any aspiring mixologist is the cocktail shaker (Master of Malt)

We found there to be a pleasing weight to it, thanks to the relatively thick steel, but the curvy design means it’s probably better for bigger hands.

“With a 500ml capacity, there’s plenty of room to mix a couple of cocktails at a time,” said our reviewer.

If it's a concoction that doesn't require vigorous shaking, use this pro bar spoon (Asterley Bros, £9.50) instead to mix cocktails.

Stir your ingredients together using this copper teardrop bar spoon (Asterley Bros)

The copper finish adds a luxury vintage feel and makes a stylish addition to any kitchen cabinet.

When mixing up your own drinks at home, master your at-home bar with Around the World in 80 Cocktails by Chad Parkhill (WHSmith, £10.65).

Expand you mixology skills with this colour-illustrated guide to mastering the art of cocktail making (Amazon)

Combining cocktails and holidays – always a winning combination – it’s a colour-illustrated guide that weaves the history of cocktails and where they originate alongside 80 tasty concoctions.

According to our reviewer, “it features all of the classics you’d expect, from Ernest Hemingway’s much-loved daiquiri to New York’s Manhattan and Lima’s pisco sours, as well as lesser-known gems such as a stone crush from Iceland".

Sip on your freshly made aperitif with these agata gold tumbler glasses set of four (Oliver Bonas, £28) that you can share with guests at your next socially distanced dinner party.

Enjoy your drinks in style with these decadent tumblers (Oliver Bonas)

We love the art-deco design, and when you’re not drinking cocktails, they make for fetching decoration on your shelf.


This Santa Teresa 1796 rum (The Whiskey Exchange, £50.75) topped our guide to rum so should be top of your list to try.

Full-bodied and flavoursome, we loved this over ice (The Independent)

“Much drier than some of the fruitier, sticky sweet rums we tried, there was still a very elegant honeyed quality to this spirit, backed up with cacao, butter and toasted nuts. We think the price reflects how this rum is made,” said our reviewer.

The liquid has been aged as old as 35-years too, and to truly appreciate the full-bodied flavour, we’d recommend drinking it over ice.

For a bit of kick from your tipple, try Two Drifters spiced rum (Master of Malt, £34.95) from Devon-based rum makers Russ and Gemma Wakeham, who have taken an eco-friendly approach to distilling.

Using an environmentally conscious manufacturing and production process, this is a feel-good rum that tastes exceptional too (Masters of Malt)

From using an electric van for deliveries to offsetting all carbon emissions emitted during production, to all materials and ingredients used from the cultivation of the sugar cane to the production of its glass bottles, it claims to be the world’s first carbon-negative distillery.

As for the tastes, it’s a rich blend of burnt sugar, bourbon vanilla, mixed spices and star anise, that our reviewers described as "soft, velvety and fruity" thanks to its orange and plum note

The blend of Trinidadian rums with burnt caramel, vanilla, cacao and spice in this Angostura 5-year-old rum (Amazon, £23.49) makes the warm, mellow liquid a winner in our books.

This rum has been filtered through charcoal to remove impurities (Amazon)

We particularly thought this was great value for money and an easy one to add into your drinks collection for yourself and guests you have over.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll love this Discarded banana peel rum (The Whiskey Exchange, £24.45)

Satisfy a sweet craving with this rum, made from banana peel

Using dried out, fermented banana peels that are steeped in alcohol for 14 days, the combination with the Caribbean rum base gives an intense hit.

It has underlying notes of sugar and caramel too, and if you want to tone down the sweetness, try it with a ginger beer or a squeeze of lime.

For fans of white rum, try this Bacardi coconut spirit drink (Asda, £13) which adds a tropical edge to any drink, and perfect for the summertime.

Feel like you're on holiday, even if you're just in your back garden, with a serving of this white rum (Asda)

Essential for drinks like piña colada, it can also be enjoyed mixed with just pineapple juice.


Some rum-based cocktails take as few as three ingredients to make, so next time you have friends over, impress them with your bartending skills by trying your hand at these recipes.

Rum punch

Fresh orange juice
Fresh lime juice
Golden rum
Sugar syrup
Angostura bitters

Serve over ice and add a pinch of nutmeg to garnish


White rum
Soda water
Brown sugar

Top with half a lime and mint sprigs if you have some spare from the garden.

Piña colada

White rum
Coconut milk
Pineapple juice

Garnish with a pineapple wedge and pour over ice.

Mai tai

Dark rum
White rum
Curaçao liqueur
Lime juice
Orgeat or almond syrup
Grenadine syrup

Mix together, pour and add a cherry on top.


White rum
Sugar syrup
Lime juice
A handful of strawberries, blended

Shake together, strain and add ice.

Long Island iced tea

Light rum
Vanilla vodka
Dry gin
Cointreau triple sec liqueur
Fresh lime juice

Mix all together and garnish with a lemon wedge.

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