World-First Zero-Emission Catamaran Set For Service In Sweden

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Sweden's waterways could be set for a green makeover as the world's first emission-free high-speed catamaran is planned for commercial traffic in Stockholm.

Stockholm-based Echandia has signed an agreement with Green City Ferries AB to supply the catamaran, named Beluga24, with an integrated battery and hydrogen-based fuel cell system.

The catamaran is to be built out of carbon fibre by Green City Ferries, and will integrate Echandia's battery and fuel cell propulsion system, which is claimed to require less hydrogen than standard and therefore offer significant weight savings.

The vessel will also feature a foil amidship to lift it out of the water, reducing drag to improve range. Echandia is a world-leading developer of advanced battery and fuel cell systems for maritime electrification.

“Sweden has been lagging behind internationally when it comes to electrifying shipping, but now the pace is increasing here as well," says Magnus Eriksson, CEO, Echandia. "We are proud to be a part of this project that not only contributes to reducing emissions from Stockholm’s waterborne local transport but is also the first in the world with an emission-free high-speed catamaran. The ferry will be equipped with an integrated system with both batteries and hydrogen, which is significantly more energy efficient compared to solutions with separate systems.”

According to Echandia, Stockholm's vessels account for five percent of the energy consumption of its public transport but around 50 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions each year. Delivery of the Beluga24 is expected to take place in 2022.

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