World-First Humanoid Robot Factory To Open In Salem

Agility Robotics are to build the world’s largest humanoid robot factory in Salem, Massachusetts. The pioneering creators of the bipedal robot known as Digit hope that the factory will be able to produce more than 10,000 robots annually. It covers an expansive 70,000 square feet and will open later this year. The robot itself will also participate in the factory's operations undertaking tasks such as moving, loading, and unloading totes. Digit has been engineered to navigate human environments safely and perform valuable tasks. Its human-centric design facilitates versatile utility, particularly in applications like bulk material handling within warehouses and distribution centres. The first Digits are expected to be delivered to partner organisations in 2024, with wider availability in the market set for 2025. Damion Shelton, Agility Robotics' co-founder and CEO, remarked, "The opening of our factory marks a pivotal moment in the history of robotics the beginning of the mass production of commercial humanoid robots"