Workout from home! Fitness trends to get you off the sofa in 2023

With more of us working remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping fit at home has become an important part of many people's routines.

A recent survey on people's fitness for the website Garage Gym Reviews noted that 61 per cent of respondents were working out at home - but if you've overindulged over the festive season, it's easy to stay on the sofa rather than shed your turkey-induced bulge.

To help start the New Year on the right foot, experts at Fitness Superstore have brought together some of the key fitness trends they expect to take off in 2023.

Low-intensity workouts

Staying regularly active in between more intense exercise is important, with the Fitness Superstore team saying, "2023 we will see more people experimenting with lots of lower intensity cardio exercise throughout the week to add to their harder workouts."

These include activities like walking, yoga, and Pilates.


According to the same survey, 43 per cent of Gen Z work out to help with their mental health. Those prioritising this need to ensure they warm up and down properly to avoid injury, and should focus on stress-reducing practices like breathing exercises and meditation.


Every new year brings a raft of new gadgets promising to help you improve your health. In addition to the various apps and smartwatches that help us build a routine, the Fitness Superstore team believe foldable treadmills could bring convenience to those working out from home - especially those without lots of space.

"If you need to maximise your space, foldable equipment is great for providing a home gym area without things getting too cluttered, and thinking about storage solutions for dumbbells and other equipment can really make the difference in your home fitness space looking tidy and relaxing," they explain.