After a Year of Working Out at Home, These Are the 11 Pieces of Equipment I Rely On

India Yaffe

Before 2020, I could count on one hand the amount of times I had worked out at home on my own. I felt more motivated in a gym or group setting, and I was sure that without other people, I wouldn't try as hard. Well, then 2020 happened, and I was very happily proven wrong. I now exclusively work out at home, which I love so much, and I've had to buy a few pieces of workout equipment to help me in my endeavors. Well, these are the 11 items I've found to be the most useful in my year of at-home fitness.

There are a few staples in this list, like ankle weights and resistance bands, along with some more unique pieces and gadgets that I'd recommend to pretty much anyone. Keep on reading to shop my selects.

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