Woody Harrelson directed his first movie live in one take. Here is an exclusive scene.

Actors often try their hand at directing, but for their behind-the-camera debuts, few embark on a project as daunting as Woody Harrelson’s Lost in London. The comedic feature was shot in a single unbroken take, and to make matters even more complicated, it was staged and broadcast to theaters live on its Jan. 19, 2017, opening night — a feat never before attempted, much less accomplished. A daring cinematic tightrope act, Harrelson’s film was a rousing success, and now that it’s finally arriving on Hulu and iTunes, Yahoo Entertainment has an exclusive clip to share.

Based on one horrible night experienced by its writer-director-star, Lost in London features Harrelson as an exaggerated version of himself, forced to deal with a tabloid scandal that puts his marriage to wife Laura (Eleanor Matsuura) in jeopardy, as well as a series of unexpected disasters that eventually land him in prison. Before he winds up in the big house, however, Harrelson encounters his good friend Owen Wilson in a bar, and as the above scene reveals, the Marley & Me and Wedding Crashers star definitely has some choice advice for how to deal with unwanted media coverage — in large part because he’s aware of a series of other celebrity scandals (involving George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey) that disappeared thanks to well-placed bribes. Those revelations are stunning to Harrelson, who soon comes to regret his own refusal to put the headline-fodder story to bed by forking over a cool $30,000.

Though the opportunity to see Lost in London live has come and gone, fans can nonetheless revisit Harrelson’s directorial debut on Hulu and iTunes beginning today.

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