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Wonder Woman Welcomes You

Wonder Woman in full costume stands proud to greet visitors at the opening of her new Warner Bros. Studios’ exhibit in Burbank. (Photo: Jacob Kramer/Yahoo Movies)

'Wonder Woman' Joins Warner Bros. Studio Tour: 15 First Look Photos From New Exhibit

On July 31, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood unveiled the brand new Wonder Woman section — now open to the public — of DC Universe: The Exhibit. On hand for the opening festivities were Lucy Davis (Etta Candy), Eugene Brave Rock (The Chief), Samantha Jo (Euboea), Caitlin Dechelle (Stunt Double to Gal Gadot), and Michaela Facchinello (Stunt Double to Robin Wright).

Having breathed new life into the DC Extended UniverseWonder Woman has inspired a legion of new fans biding their time for the confirmed sequel. If they’re in the Burbank area, they’ll now be able to view a collection of authentic props and costumes worn by Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), including her Lasso of Hestia, armor, tiara, and signature sword. Props and costumes worn by Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Danny Huston (General Ludendorff), Elena Anaya (Dr. Maru), Said Taghmaoui (Sameer), Ewen Bremner (Charlie), and Eugene Brave Rock (The Chief) will be on display for visitors to enjoy as well. For a sneak peek, click through the photos above.