Women who wear this one thing will get more dates, claims expert

YouTube: Hayley Quinn
YouTube: Hayley Quinn

There’s a reason why Chris De Burgh wrote a song about a "Lady in Red".

The bold hue has been scientifically-proven to make women appear more attractive and sexually receptive - plus "Lady in Taupe" sounds a little lacklustre.

Now, one dating expert is claiming that a red coat could be the key to kick-starting your love life.

Hayley Quinn put her theory to the test when she spent an afternoon walking around the streets of East London wearing her favourite long red coat.

She was surprised by the flurry of attention she garnered while out and about, much of which she documented in a YouTube video.

Insisting that she normally doesn't get approached on the street, Quinn was shocked at the amount of complimentary comments she received from numerous passers-by.

A few asked for her phone number and one stranger even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

One man is also heard calling her “beautiful” in the short clip, before saying that he’d like to “get in touch” with her.

“Wearing red actually, surprisingly enough, does seem to work,” the 30-year-old concludes in the video.

“I think it’s probably because you actually stand out,” she added.

Quinn also wanted to see if the power of red would translate online.

She tested this by creating two different dating profiles.

On her Bumble account, Quinn uploaded only images where she was wearing red while opting for more neutral pictures for her Tinder profile.

After just three minutes of swiping, Quinn had twice as many matches on the former.

This led her to believe that, when it comes to the colour wheel of attraction, red really is the fairest of them all.

Now go forth and paint the town red, literally.

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