Age when women FINALLY appreciate mum revealed; albeit aged 23 and after 183 blazing rows

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There aren't many of us who can look back on their teenage years and not feel a twinge of embarrassment of regret at some of things we got up to.

From slamming the door in mum's face during a blazing row, to having an explosive argument over an outfit - most mother-daughter relationships really are put to the test over the years.

But luckily for mum, there is finally some let-up - albeit it after 23 years and hundreds of blazing rows.

Experts have today revealed that it takes over 20 years for women to finally appreciate their mums, replacing bust-ups with heart-to-hearts, shopping trips and shared interests.

This couldn't come a moment too soon either, as it follows an average 183 arguments with mum and 123 bouts of tears over boys - and that's without the 257 fights with brothers and sisters each year.

The new study revealed that it's aged 23 that we turn to mum more than ever before, as we finally grow out of the years of teenage angst.

Despite all the rows, four out of 10 women surveyed revealed their mum played a crucial role in getting them through their teens.

And over three quarters of women said they are grateful to their mum for the way they were raised - even if they didn't realise it at the time - with the majority saying they're in debt to their mum for helping them through the difficult teenage years.

Speaking about their research, Mary Young, Head of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said: "The relationship between mum and daughter can be testing during the teenage years but it's clear that when a woman reaches her early twenties she appreciates her mum more than ever.

"It's not unusual for a girl's teenage years to be full of angst. Falling out with parents, worries about growing up and long chats over boys is probably the norm for most teenage girls.

"But as you get older you really learn to appreciate your mum and how much she did for you."

The study found that when it comes to the perfect mother-daughter relationship, a 25 year age gap was deemed ideal.

One fifth feel mums and their daughters should be best friends who tell each other everything, while three quarters feel the relationship is best if there is a close bond but some things remain private.

Mary Young added: "At Lil-lets we understand that being a teenager is hard, but having a mum to turn to and talk things through or answer any questions is priceless in helping young women to manage.


Door slams - 164
Grumbles with Mum - 183
Arguments with siblings - 257
Fall outs with Dad - 153
Fall outs with mates - 127
Tears over boys - 123
Chats with friends about periods - 125
Chats with friends about boys - 306
Hours on the phone - 274


1.            Tidiness of bedroom
2.            Answering back
3.            Relationship with siblings
4.            Relationships with boys
5.            Staying out too late
6.            The way I dressed
7.            Attitude to school work
8.            Money
9.            Manners
10.          Use of bad language

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