Women struggle with body confidence on nights out with their best friends

Competitiveness and feeling self-concious in their outfits means women are just as likely to suffer a body confidence crisis on a girlie night out, no matter how close they are to friends

It’s a sorry state of affairs when women can’t feel confident on a night out with their best friends.

A new survey has revealed that our body confidence drops when we’re on a girls’ night out with worrying about how we appear to each other as our biggest concern.

Worries about our friends looking better than us, our outfits being too skimpy and our ‘wobbly bits’ on display mean that one in four of us suffer from low self-confidence on a night out.

A tenth of women admitted they lack self-esteem while attending their office party, which is understandable. But if we can't relax and feel good about ourselves with our closest friends, when can we?

Unsurprisingly the situation where women feel least confident about their appearance is wearing a bikini on the beach – followed closely by stripping off at the pool.

Getting your bra measured, going on a date and shopping alone are some of the other situations where women struggle with negative body image.

"Most women have moments where they struggle with their body confidence, whether it’s for one night or days on end,” said a spokesman for New Look, which conducted the study.

"But it’s worrying to think that so many women feel that way on a night out with some of their closest friends.

"Not only are they among their own friends, but a girls’ night out is usually when you get dressed up and look your best.”

The study also flagged that 95 per cent of us would change something about our appearance and 90 per cent struggle with our image.

We were also sad to read that one in five women don’t feel confident when getting intimate between the sheets with their partner.

"It’s also shocking to see that women feel so unconfident in front of their own partners,” said the spokesman.

"Your partner should love you, regardless of your flaws so you should be able to feel confident in front of them, even if you don’t at any other time."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Top ten situations women feel least confident about their appearance
1.    On the beach
2.    At the swimming pool
3.    On a girls’ night out
4.    When being intimate with your partner
5.    Getting your bra size measured
6.    On a date
7.    Office Christmas parties
8.    Shopping alone
9.    On a date night with your current partner
10.    At home

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