Women Are Still Doing the Majority of the Housework, Study Finds

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Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images

Let's be real, no one likes doing housework. It's monotonous, time-consuming and thankless. Unfortunately the majority of British blokes aren't pulling their weight, because women are still doing most of the domestic chores, fresh research has found.

Almost one in five men (17%) say their female partner does the majority of the housework, according to furniture specialists Hammonds Furniture, which surveyed 2,000 Brits for the study. By comparison, just 6% of women said their male partner does the lion's share.

If you're struggling to recall the last time you vacuumed the lounge, emptied the bins, or bleached the toilet, you're certainly not the only one. More than half of the women surveyed (54%) said they do all of the housework in their home. In a word: yikes. (continued below)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when one person is left to tackle the grunt work, it has a tendency to cause friction. Of those surveyed, 22% said they row with their partners about sharing the burden, making it the most common cause of household arguments.

And what for? It wouldn't exactly take much extra effort to pitch in, since more than a third (37%) of Brits aged under 65 reckon they spend less than two hours each week tackling jobs like laundry, vacuuming and dusting.

When the time comes to divvy up the chores, taking the vacuum for a spin is the nation's favourite task (13%), while washing clothes is a close second (11%). Meanwhile, ironing topped the 'most hated' chart – no surprises there – with 17% of votes, followed by cleaning the oven (13%) and bathroom (10%).

"An easy way to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed with a list of chores is to tidy as you go, making sure items are put away when they’re no longer being used," says Kirsty Oakes from Hammonds Furniture. "Using storage for items and making sure everything has a place where you can store it is a great way eliminate any clutter and can make a space feel much tidier straight away.

"For bigger tasks, it’s important to remember to split the load in your household and not let it be one person’s responsibility to do all the chores around the home," she adds. "If each person in a home completes their own jobs, this can help ease the burden and lessen any friction." So, if you're yet to

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