Women Hate Thongs, Study Reveals (As If We Didn’t Know That Already)

[Photo: Flickr/Zlatko Vickovic]

Stop the presses: According to a new study, women hate a specific variety of underwear that gives them permanent wedgies. Who’d have thought it?

Yes - women hate thongs. In a poll of 1,000 women commissioned by TENA Lady, only 10% of women said they wore g-strings.

The comfortable ‘brief’ pant came out on top, with 53% of participants giving it their approval.

In second place was a ‘high cut design’, with 17% of the vote.

The study didn’t only cover certain shapes of underwear, but its colour, too. It found that red was the most unpopular colour, while half of women said that black was their favourite.

[Photo: Pexels]

The women polled were certainly strict when it came to matching underwear: 56% said they wear a matching bra and pants all of the time.

Twenty eight per cent also said that they re-stock their knicker drawer every six months.

The same can’t be said for throwing them away, though - more than half (55%) said their oldest item of lingerie was more than three years old.

Generally, 17% admitted to keeping pairs for up to two years before chucking them out.

Because sometimes that old, comfy pair is the only one that will do.

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