Women explains why she sends herself ‘anonymous’ drinks on dates: ‘Men love some healthy competition’

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A woman has revealed that she sends herself an “anonymous” drink when she goes on dates in order to create some “competition”.

In a TikTok video posted on 12 January, Sofia Franklyn, who goes by the username @sofiafranklyn, explained that when she leaves the table to use the restroom during a date, she’s actually ordering a drink to be sent to her table.

“When I ‘go to the bathroom’ and pay the bartender to send me an ‘anonymous’ shot so my date remembers I have options,” the text overlaying the video reads.

While the tactic may seem odd, Franklyn claimed that it can be useful because, as she wrote in the caption, “men love some healthy competition”.

In the comments, Franklyn also admitted that drinks aren’t the only things she’s sent herself, as she revealed that she’s also gone as far as sending herself a bouquet of flowers.

“[I] have def sent myself flowers a time or two,” she wrote, adding: “This can work in many situations. The [world] is ur oyster ladies.”

The video has since been viewed more than 2.3m times, with many TikTok users inspired by the tip.


Men love some healthy competition :)

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“Oh but wait a minute that’s really smart,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “I’m doing this next time.”

Someone else added: “This is genius.”

Other viewers praised Franklyn for the idea, as one person noted that it can also be a useful indicator of jealousy.

“That’s a good idea to test red flags and to to see if he’s possessive early,” one person said, while another wrote: “Honestly? queen move.”

The video also prompted one TikTok user to recall an experience of her own that supported Frankyn’s advice. According to the woman, when she received a drink from a random person while on a date, her date was left “shaking,” which she described as “the best feeling ever”.

“Ok but this actually happened to me ONCE and it was THE BEST feeling ever, my date was left shaking,” she wrote in the comments.

While many of the comments were supportive, not all viewers agreed that sending “anonymous” drinks is a good idea, as some claimed that the behaviour is “toxic”.

“Why is this not considered toxic???” one person asked, while another said: “A bit insecure.”

There were also those who revealed they wouldn’t have the courage to try out the dating hack, as one viewer wrote: “How is this not embarrassing to ask for omg I don’t think I could.”

The Independent has reached out to Franklyn for a comment.

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