Woman who beat cancer so excited she broke 'cancer-free' bell

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A video of a woman celebrating after she finished breast cancer treatment has gone viral on Twitter.

Darla Jaye, a former talk show host for KMBZ, a radio station based in Kansas City, Missouri, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in February this year.

She underwent a course of radiation treatment at Harris Health System in Houston, Texas, in order to shrink the tumour.

At the end of her course of radiotherapy, Jaye rang a “cancer free” bell – a popular ceremony on cancer wards for marking the end of treatment. Initially a US tradition, it has more recently gained popularity in the UK.

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In the hilarious footage, Jaye rings the bell with such enthusiasm that she breaks the piece of rope she is tugging on.

Darla Jaye ringing her cancer free bell. [Photo: ABC News]
Darla Jaye ringing her cancer free bell. [Photo: ABC News]

The video, shared by ABC News, has received over 1,000 “likes” on Twitter at time of writing.

Well-wishers praised Jaye in the comments below, wishing her continued good health.

"I couldn't even fathom being done, I was so overwhelmed yesterday," Jaye told CNN of her celebration. “Guess I didn't know how strong I was!"

She continued: "Even though I kind of knew what was coming, you don't really know when you lay down on a radiation bed getting ready for treatment.”

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Jaye says she is “very, very grateful” to the doctors who treated her.

Earlier this year, a Canadian woman who died aged 35 after a two-year battle with a rare form of cancer made headlines after sharing an important message: “Don’t take the small stuff so seriously and live a little.”

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