Women Are Posting Pictures of Their 'Belly Jelly'

Photo: Movemeant
Photo: Movemeant

In a society filled with endless shaming trends, we need all the body-positive encouragement we can get. Recent challenges like the thigh gap, ab crack, bikini bridge, and hip dent tell women that their bodies aren’t good enough if they don’t subscribe to bizarre standards of thinness. Luckily, for every shaming trend, another body-positive trend emerges to push back.

The latest movement is #BellyJelly, which is exactly what it sounds like. The trend was started by an organization called Movemeant, which aims to help middle school girls feel comfortable with their bodies. “We all have it. She does. You do. So own it,” says an ad released by Movemeant. “When you own your belly jelly, you expose your grit. Your strength. Who you are.”

We love the trend for normalizing bellies and pointing out that even people with “gym bodies” have them.

Society is beginning to accept curvy bodies, but this has been mostly limited to hourglass shapes with tiny waists, and the #BellyJelly trend is filling a hole in the body positive movement.

#BellyJelly follows a series of body positive trends that have emerged to lift women up, including #MermaidThighs, which fights against the shaming thigh gap trend.

Q&A time!! I've never done a Q&A and since I have a long weekend ahead of me, I want to film a YouTube video answering your questions ???? Anything goes, so comment below on what you want to know ???????? More importantly as a gentle reminder as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday: There used to be a time when all I wanted was long, slender thighs and a "thigh gap". My mom is half my size, like a 2 or 4 in pants (I'm an 8 at most places), and she doesn't even have a thigh gap. Genetically, I'm just not sure it's in my cards! But somewhere on this journey I decided that was OK. When I stopped looking at my legs as something that defined my beauty and saw them as something that carried me daily and helped me live life fully, I learned to love them as they are: a symbol of strength. We all have our battles and some of us struggle silently and some more than others. But this week especially, be thankful for not just what you have, but who you are! As you celebrate with friends and family remember YOU add value and worth to their lives and vise versa. Your body or absent thigh gap means nothing to what you contribute to the lives of those around you. Be thankful for what you have and be thankful for a body that carries your soul and allows you to connect, love, and cherish the souls of others. You're also not define by the amount of food you eat, that won't be remembered. How you interact and create memories with those around you and the simplicity of just being present matters. Honor your soul and the gift of its presence in the lives that you share it with ✨????

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#TigerStripes encouraged women to be proud of their stretch marks.

And #Fatkini helped showed women that bikinis aren’t just for thin women.

We’re glad to see a trend that embraces belly rolls for a change. Everybody has them.

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