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Bella Hadid

The model gets her manspread on on a plane [Photo: Instagram/bellahadid]

Womanspreading has arrived after years of man splaying

Scooch over men. Literally. Because it’s time to make room for womanspreading.

You’ve heard of manspreading right? You know that habit some men have to spread their legs unnecessarily wide, usually on public transport.

While some argue it genuinely is more comfortable for the male of the species to sit in that position, others believe the spread-eagled stance is a way of displaying dominance.

But whatever the reason, women have had enough of it. So, to fight back they are uncrossing their legs and creating their own version of the power position.

Make way for womanspreading people.

Lead by celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez, the trend is fast taking over Instagram.

A quick search of the hashtag #womanspreading throws up hundreds of posts of women in various poses with their legs spread apart.

While some are likely poking fun at the traditional manspread position, others portray women adopting an “I own this space, what of it” power pose.

It’s not the first time that celebrities have spawned a trend on Instagram. Earlier this year the Bambi pose was all over social media.

That was preceded by the worrying ribcage bragging, which saw a whole host of celebrities and social media influencers taking to their feeds to share images of their proudly protruding ribcages.

Less concerning, but equally as bonkers was the summer trend where festival goers were all about covering their breasts in sparkles. That was swiftly followed by women turning their boobs into squishy, fleshy hearts. People still aren’t sure why?!

And just this week, crown brows became the latest bizarre beauty trend on Instagram.

Going back to womanspreading, what seems to be most notable about the craze is that the poses women are pulling have shifted somewhat into a more casual, nonchalant stance.

Women are certainly manspreading but when they do it, it’s more relaxed, more glamorous and less, well manly.

So while Bella Hadid is pulling a manspread on what looks like a private jet, at least she’s not inconveniencing anyone on their morning commute.

Here’s our pick of the female celebrities pulling their very best womanspread.

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