This woman's Pride dress was inspired by a viral Leslie Jones tweet

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Kayla Guminiak’s Pride dress was inspired by this Leslie Jones tweet. (<em>Photo: Kayla Guminiak/Twitte</em>r)
Kayla Guminiak’s Pride dress was inspired by this Leslie Jones tweet. (Photo: Kayla Guminiak/Twitter)

For the past few years Kayla Guminiak has created her own dresses for Pride festivities. The 27-year-old Manhattan resident works at a theatrical costume shop and has a killer set of design skills — last year she designed an A-line rainbow coloured dress plastered with photos of Hillary Clinton. This year, her inspiration came from a now viral tweet by “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones.

Jones tweeted this response last summer to a man who tried hitting on her “SNL” costar, Kate McKinnon.

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Guminiak thought Jones’ tweet was so iconic that she had it printed on a tank top. When a friend suggested she wear it to Pride festivities, Guminiak took it up a notch and designed a dress with the tweet in mind. She told BuzzFeed News that women don’t enjoy advances by creepy men, whether online or in person, so it was nice to see Jones essentially say “stop it.”

“And as a gay woman (especially as a feminine, often-assumed-straight gay woman), there have been times when I’ve been hit on and I just want to yell ‘I’m gay, dude, stop it!’ So, plastering it all over my body seemed like a pretty good choice,” Guminiak added.

The dress fabric was custom printed online on Spoonflower, and was designed with rainbow colours in celebration of Pride. Although Guminiak didn’t get too many comments about the dress in person, it quickly went viral after she posted snaps to Twitter on Sunday, receiving more than 19,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

“Thank you, @Lesdoggg, for providing the very best inspiration for my Pride dress this year,” she captioned next to the stunning pics.

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Fans online loved the clap back dress so much that some even requested Guminiak design similar dresses for them.

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