This Woman's Search For A Long Lost Puffin Sweater Went Viral, And Yep, There's A Happy Ending

Celia Robbins is a big puffin fan.

Which, I mean, come on, who isn't?!

Two puffins on grassy terrain with flowers; one puffin stands in the foreground while the other peeks out from behind a mound in the background
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Celia's daughter asked her what her biggest regret in life was, and Celia immediately knew the answer.

She never bought a specific puffin sweater when she visited Iceland.

Three puffins stand on a rocky, grassy terrain near the ocean. They have distinctively colorful beaks and appear to be looking in different directions
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"It’s been 3 years since I saw it in a shop there, and I still regret not buying it."

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The post blew up with people agreeing with her.

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"I totally understand this regret," one person said.

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"I remember a shirt I wish I had bought in 1975," another person chimed in.

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And then a bunch of people shared pictures of their own puffin sweaters.

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Then, someone said they had it.

Dave Wiskus tweets he regrets buying a sweater his wife never wore, offering it for free. Celia replies in shock, asking if he's serious

Dave Wiskus had that exact same sweater he bought in Iceland, and no, he wasn't joking.

Twitter exchange: Dave Wiskus tweets about not joking about a puffin sweater. Celia (@CeliaBedelia) replies with laughing emojis

He sent the sweater to Germany where Celia lives.

Twitter: @CeliaBedelia

And boom, the rest is history.

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As Dave the puffin sweater guy said, "One time I went to Iceland and accidentally bought a sweater for a stranger on the internet."

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The end : D

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