Woman's husband bans her from wearing a leather skirt after post-birth weight loss

A woman’s husband has banned her from wearing a leather skirt on a night out [Photo: Getty]

A woman who dropped five dress sizes after putting on weight after giving birth has turned to the Internet for advice after her husband told her she shouldn’t wear a leather skirt.

If you’ve worked hard to lose weight it is understandable you’d look forward to being able to wear an outfit that showed off your new figure.

But one mum was left upset after being told she couldn’t wear the leather skirt she’d bought for her birthday night out.

After giving birth to her third child and realising she’d fallen into bad habits when it came to food and exercise, the mum-of-three decided to kickstart a new health and fitness regime.

Her weight was causing her to constantly be out of breath, experience pain in her knees and back and it was putting her at risk of diabetes.

So having joined slimming world, started exercising got a gym membership, swim pass, exercise DVDs and some secondhand gym equipment she was proud that in two years she managed to drop from a size 18 to a size 8. 

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Understandably the woman was feeling good about herself until her husband told her she wouldn’t be able to wear the leather skirt she’d bought for her birthday night out.

Taking to Mumsnet, the unnamed 30-year-old explained that she’d picked out the skirt on a shopping trip with her sister-in-law.

The woman explains that the problems started when she went on a shopping trip with her sister-in-law.

“I bought a black leather-look high-waisted mini skirt to wear with clothes I already have,” she wrote.

“It’s a lovely skirt and I’m really excited to wear it, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve felt comfortable in something other than maternity leggings!”

But her plans to wear the skirt have been upset by her husband and relatives.

Her sister-in-law, who she says also put on a “significant amount” of weight after having kids, has complained about the idea of the woman wearing the skirt, and it’s caused her husband to intervene.

“Sister-in-law says she will feel like a potato if I wear that and she has to stand beside me all night, and she has even threatened not to come out with us. OVER A SKIRT,” the woman explained.

“Her husband has spoken to my husband and he told me I really ought to wear something else.”

She went on to say that her husband advised her to wear something else instead of “showing off”.

“He says I can wear it next time and thinks I should spare sister-in-law’s feelings because I know how it feels to be overweight.”

Unsurprisingly having worked hard to lose weight, the woman feels she should be able to wear whatever she wants.

“I have worked really f***ing hard to be healthy and it’s worked and I’m finally confident and happy with myself. And proud. I feel like my old self again – finally!” she continued. 

“I should be able to wear my new skirt on MY birthday?!?!”

The woman went on to explain that her sister-in-law has complained about her weight since she had her last baby four years ago and despite asking her to work out with her, she’s always refused.

“Well that’s absolutely fine, do that but don’t then dictate to me what I’m allowed to wear because you feel bad about yourself?!”

She finished her post by asking other users if she would be in the wrong to wear the skirt despite the problems it may cause.

A woman who has lost weight has turned to the Internet for advice after her husband bans her from wearing a leather skirt [Photo: Getty]

And many were quick to step in and offer their own opinions on the topic.

Most seemed to be of the opinion that the woman should be able to wear what she liked.

“WEAR THE SKIRT,” one woman wrote. “And put a middle finger up to everyone else. Don’t be made to feel guilty for all your hard work. This is SIL’s issue. She shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what you wear just because she’s jealous.”

“I don’t think that’s inconsiderate at all,” another agreed. “Her size is not your problem. You’ve put in a lot of work to reduce your size (well done) and it’s YOUR birthday for crying out loud.”

One person said: “I don’t think it’s inconsiderate at all. You’ve put a lot of work in to reduce your size (well done) and it’s YOUR birthday for crying out loud.”

“Wear your skirt with pride and have a fab birthday! You have more then earned the right to celebrate your new healthy body,” another user wrote. 

“Ignore the sour grapes from SIL. Maybe this will at last motivate her to improve her own health.
Does she go out equipped with large sacks to put over any slim women she finds upsetting in the street?”

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But some did think the woman should take her sister-in-law’s feelings into consideration.

“Of course you should wear the skirt, but as someone who doesn’t like dressing up, I know how your SIL feels,” one woman wrote. 

“Yes, it is my problem that I don’t want to dress up and it is you SIL’s problem that she hasn’t lose weight. But is a skirt really worth falling out over? Why upset your SIL unnecessarily and make her feel inadequate?

“Sometimes, people should consider other people’s feelings as well as their own. You will be able to wear your skirt on many other occasions,” she added. 

It isn’t the first time a husband’s comment about weight has kicked off a debate online. Earlier this year a new dad accused his wife of not loving him enough to lose her baby weight. 

The woman, who gave birth just two months ago, asked parenting forum Mumsnet for advice after her husband criticised her for not losing the weight she had gained fast enough.

Also earlier this year a pregnant woman considered divorcing her husband of two years because he is set on naming their unborn baby daughter after his ex-girlfriend.