Woman wonders if it's unreasonable to ask husband not to speak to her on weekday evenings

This woman wants to keep conversation for the weekend. [Photo: Getty Images]
This woman wants to keep conversation for the weekend. [Photo: Getty Images]

A woman has shared her dilemma online, only to see it backfire spectacularly.

The woman’s thread, posted to Mumsnet, elicited some strong feelings from the internet when she asked if it is ‘unreasonable’ to ban conversation with her husband during the week.

Yep, the woman would rather restrict conversation to weekends when they can ‘have a good catch up’.

“I have a job which means I talk non-stop all day and when I get home the last thing I want to go is talk some more!” The woman wrote, asking if it’s unreasonable to ask her husband to refrain from talking to her on weekday evenings.

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It’s unclear if conversation is allowed over the breakfast table, but it seems dinner at least would be a silent affair.

The bizarre scenario sparked a variety of strong responses.

“You don’t want him to talk to you at all?” asked one incredulous user.

“Of course YABU (you are being unreasonable). How can you possibly expect your husband to not speak to you from Monday morning to Saturday morning?!” a gobsmacked mum wrote.

One user was uncompromising in their assessment: “Asking him not to speak to you at all is out of line, I’d be really hurt and so would my partner.”

The woman wants quiet on weeknights. [Photo: Getty Images]
The woman wants quiet on weeknights. [Photo: Getty Images]

Others saw the woman’s perspective – to a point.

“I can understand needing a bit of time to yourself to unwind – but all evening every weekday is extreme,” wrote one person.

“I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. I need quiet, wind-down time after work and I hate being bombarded with conversation,” another user wrote, although they went on to clarify the statement.

“It’s a bit much to ask for silence all evening, but an hour or two of quiet time works wonders for me,” they wrote.

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One user, at least saw the situation from her perspective: ” I think most people in long term relationships, and particularly if they have children, don’t get their fill of alone and down time.”

The original woman later clarified her comments, saying in extreme circumstances minimal chat would be allowed and that her job was extremely emotionally taxing.

“I wasn’t being very clear… of course he can tell me if the kitchen is on fire,” she wrote.

Is demanding weekday silence unreasonable? Or is saving chat for the weekend a savvy move?

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