Woman who went viral for wedding TikTok reveals after divorce it was ‘all a lie’

A woman who went viral for her sweet wedding video has revealed that both the video and her marriage were fake.

In 2021, Makenzie Robison - who goes by the username @makenzierobison on TikTok - posted a clip of her wedding day, which showed her now ex-wife failing to fight back tears as Robison walked down the aisle with her son. The video received more than eight million views, with many people commenting that they wanted a relationship that looked like theirs.

But in June, Robison posted another video with more than five million views, saying that it bothered her to see comments gushing over their relationship because it was “fake.”

“It lasted seven months and it was not love. It was fake,” she said. “Those were fake tears. It was a lie. She left me three months pregnant.”

In an interview with Insider, the TikTok influencer mentioned that her viral wedding video was an example of how misleading social media can sometimes be. “This picture is painted at how perfect things are,” she said. “It’s not real and everybody believes this fairytale story.”

She later explained how their relationship came to an end in a separate TikTok. Robison revealed that after being married for four months, the couple decided to have a baby. After locating a sperm donor and getting pregnant, she became sick with hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG. She described it as “morning sickness on steroids that lasts the entire pregnancy”.

As a result, Robison said she was either constantly in the hospital receiving fluids or bedridden, which created a strain on the relationship. She even said that she couldn’t be around her son or wife at the time because their scents made her nauseous. Her ex-wife interpreted this as Robison not taking an active role in the relationship, and not wanting to be around her. “I truly don’t think she understands how sick I felt and what I was actually going through,” she said.

During an argument one day, Robison told her ex to leave and she didn’t come home after work that day. She recalled that the two were in slight contact via text for the next week, before they met up in person. However, Robison’s ex only spoke about how her life was going, before telling her that she was already in a relationship with somebody else. One day later, she filed for divorce.

When reached for comment, Robison’s ex told Insider: “Respectfully, we have both agreed a month ago to not discuss each other moving forward. She has her side and I have mine.”

Robison added that her ex never said goodbye to her son or had any contact with her daughter born via sperm donor, nor does she want her to.

As for why she decided to keep the viral wedding video on her page, Robison said that it was for the money. “That marriage traumatised me,” she said in a follow-up video. “The least that can come out of it is a few bucks off of TikTok.”

Now people are commenting on the original video to make sure that Robison gets paid for the viral views. “Commenting so you get that,” one person wrote, alongside a dollar bill emoji.