Woman gets vampire fangs for Halloween but decides to keep them: 'I think it looks cool and different'

Cassie now with permanent fangs she originally got for Halloween. (Caters)
'I’d be happy to be known as a real-life vampire,' says Cassie Rodriguez, whose Halloween costume became a reality. (Caters)

Many of us dress up for Halloween, but it's fair to say hardly any of us choose to stay in character afterwards.

One woman, however, loved her vampire look so much, she has decided to keep the alterations made to her appearance.

Cassie Rodriguez, 20, from Watford, committed to getting none other than real-life fangs from her dentist, inspired by her favourite part of her costume.

Rodriguez, who works as a dental nurse herself, originally got the procedure done (yep, they're not just a rubber glow-in-the-dark mouthpiece) while at work before Halloween, with plans to reverse it once celebrations had ended.

But she unexpectedly became such a big fan of her new teeth, that she's opted to keep them just as they are.

"I went as a vampire for Halloween and then I decided to keep the real-life fangs. I love Halloween and an excuse to dress up," says Rodriguez.

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Cassie with her fangs. (Caters)
Cassie Rodriguez didn’t realise how many people wanted to achieve the look. (Getty Images)

The dental procedure only took 45 minutes to get two teeth done on either side of her mouth, in the perfect position for fangs.

"Originally, it was solely for Halloween but then I decided to keep them," Rodriguez explains.

"People get the same procedure for composite bonding to make all of their teeth even, I just got it to make two of mine extended."

Composite bonding (also known as 'tooth bonding' or 'dental bonding') provides a solution for minor damage or gaps in teeth, often used for filling chips, fractures or spaces, or for fixing discolouration, according to Bupa.

It's not available on the NHS when carried out as a cosmetic treatment.

While she's aware vampire teeth aren't common (part of the appeal for her), Rodriguez is confident in her big change.

"I think it looks cool and different. I didn’t realise how many people wanted to achieve this look, and people who naturally have them pointed are insecure and get it fixed," she says.

"I've seen a composite procedure done but I'd never seen it done to extend canines."

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Cassie with normal teeth. (Caters)
Cassie Rodriguez with her normal teeth. (Getty Images)

But there were important things to consider before having her procedure.

"The dentist asked me if I was sure as it will affect my bite, as canines are the guiding teeth for the bite, so it had to be done in a particular way," Rodriguez explains.

“Initially, it took a while to get used to how it felt, as when I was getting it done, I couldn’t feel anything as it was all numbed."

Rodriguez's mum still thinks her vampire teeth are just left over from her costume, and she hasn't broken the news to her yet that they aren't going anywhere.

"My mum thought it was a Halloween joke, and she doesn't know I’ve decided to keep them," she explains.

Her stepdad, on the other hand, "wants to get them now as it has inspired him".

"I've always done crazy things so they’re used to it," Rodriguez adds – so hopefully her mum won't react too badly.

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Cassie before surgery, pictured at work as dentist. (Getty Images)
Dental nurse Cassie Rodriguez before getting fangs. (Getty Images)

These 'crazy' things include other ways she has altered her body with procedures. But while these still have their own risks, they're perhaps done more commonly than extending canine teeth.

“I’ve previously had quite a lot of surgery. I’ve had my breasts done, had a bum lift, and have had fillers in my face and lips, as well as threads in my face too," Rodriguez reveals.

"I’d be happy to be known as a real-life vampire though."

With many on social media also persuading her to keep them, Rodriguez loves her new teeth and has no plans to reverse them anytime soon, though it is possible should she have a change of heart.

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Cassie during her fang surgery. (Getty Images)
Cassie Rodriguez during the fang procedure to become a vampire. (Caters)

"Since posting my teeth, more people want this done, some even want to take their braces off as well," she says.

"I also have a lot of people asking me how much it costs. It’s usually £200 per tooth.

"I thought it would be temporary, but I decided to keep them as I was influenced by social media. I like them a lot more than I thought I would."

She adds, "I tell people who naturally have them and are insecure about them to embrace them.

"I’ve also had a lot of rude comments as well as negative people asking why I did it."

But ultimately, the decision was Rodriguez's to make, with her loving her new look. That said, as with any cosmetic procedure, you should seriously consider the risks and potential side effects and speak to a professional in detail before changing anything yourself.

If Rodriguez does decide to reverse the procedure later down the line, they'll need to be filed down, before composite bonding is put on her teeth.

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