Woman uses unique hack to break in Doc Marten boots without wearing them

Dr. Martens, aka Doc Marten boots are notoriously tough to break in, but one woman on TikTok has an unorthodox way to cut down on the wear-in time.

Lonni Pike (@grayhairandtattoos) posted a video showing herself freezing boots to get them loose.

“White Doc Martens are the hardest ones to break in, so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to freeze them and stretch them out,” she said.

The first thing Pike says to do is to get one large freezer bag or two smaller storage bags for each shoe. From there, she puts the bag inside the shoe and then fills it with water. Once the bag is filled just above the top of the boot and closed, Pike puts the shoe in the freezer for two to three days. The point behind freezing the boot is so that when the water hardens inside the bag, the ice will expand and stretch the leather. All that’s left is to let the shoe defrost enough to remove the bag of ice.

Some of Pike’s viewers knew about this trick, but there were several commenters who were surprised about how she found the hack in the first place.

“Im wondering how the hell did you find out this would work,” replied @btwjoy.

Although she likes using this method, Pike only does it with specific shoes.

“I only freeze my leather Doc Martens,” Pike said. “If you have vegan or patent leather, I wouldn’t use this method because you don’t want to hurt your Doc Martens.”

While Pike prefers to stay away from vegan or patent leather, there are some potential side effects to freezing real leather as well.

According to Favoredleather.com, frozen leather can contract and can make the material dry and brittle. However, in most cases, the leather can be warmed and reconditioned in order to return it to its original properties.

Fellow Doc Marten wearers also shared in the comments their methods for breaking in boots.

“It may not be common knowledge, but I buy mine at Nordstrom and they stretch it for free,” commented @kikroxs.

“I’ve always done this with my work boots! Also, another tip- stuff with socks & use blow dryer to stretch,” replied @oh.hi.its.me.

Between freezing shoes and having the store stretch boots out, Doc Marten owners now have more than a few options to make their shoes comfortable.

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