Woman turns her labia into truly unique jewellery

Tracy Kiss transformed her labia into a pendant following surgery [Photo: Tracy Kiss]

Tracy Kiss underwent labiaplasty (also known as designer vagina surgery) last year, after her protruding labia began to cause extreme pain on a daily basis.

After regularly training at the gym, a cyst had formed due to the excess skin and her doctor recommended she undergo surgery to reduce the size of her labia.

And when asked if she wished to keep the remains of her genitals following the procedure, she said yes.

Tracy explained her decision to the Metro: “I kept my labia following my surgery as a trophy of overcoming the pain it had caused me my entire life.”

But instead of keeping the remains of her genitals hidden away at home, the mum-of-two decided to use them to create a piece of jewellery she could keep forever.

Tracy covered the labia in red glitter [Photo: Tracy Kiss]

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Tracy explains how she waited eight months for the remaining tissue to turn grey in the surgical fluid before she could create the pendant.

In the clip, she demonstrates how she then made the accessory by covering the labia in two coats of pink paint before layering them with red glitter. Then, Tracy can be seen placing the skin in a jewellery mould before leaving it in crystal resin for 48 hours to set.

And she hopes that her unique jewellery will help to inspire women across the globe in a similar situation.

Tracy hopes that she can inspire other women in a similar situation to seek help [Photo: Tracy Kiss]

“I hope other women who live in daily pain and discomfort will realise that something can be done,” Tracy told the Metro. “We need to break down the taboo of female circumcision just as men have.”

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