Woman transforms home into a 1970s time capsule

Lincolnshire woman Simone Radley has spent £20,000 filling her home with retro furniture including a green furry toilet seat cover.

Video transcript

SIMONE RADLEY: I'm Simone Radley and I'm from Lincoln. So my house is a really normal 1960s semi-detached house. And inside, it's like a '60s and '70s home. Because why not?

I just love everything about the '60s and '70s. I love the colors and I love the patterns and I love the warmth and how cozy it feels as well, so. One of my favorites probably is my brown stripe chair and my footstool. I absolutely love that. It was a good find from a shop in Brighton.

And then I love the artwork as well. So I've got lots of original prints, which I absolutely love. And then I think the ornaments. I've got some [INAUDIBLE] ducks that I love to collect. And I just like finding all these little trinkets that remind me of what my grandma had in her house when I was a kid growing up.

Some people absolutely hate it and they say that they hate it, which is fine. And some people absolutely love it. And it's those reactions when people come around and they say, oh my God, I remember that from when I was a kid or my mom had that or my gram had that. And it just gives you that warm, fuzzy cozy feeling. And that's why I love it so much.

I find stuff everywhere. And I look, I'm constantly trawling. Oh yeah, online, eBay, Marketplace. Then I go around charity shops. Whenever I get a few minutes I pop in there.

I go around antique fairs. So I like to go to Newark Antiques Fair. I go to lots of different antique shops. Horncastle is a favorite.

But most importantly, Hemswell Antiques Fair-- Hemswell Antiques Market, sorry. It's just down the road from me so I'm lucky enough to have that on my doorstep. And that's where I find loads of stuff. It's like an Aladdin's cave.

I just think that it's so fun. And everything about it seems really fun, although I wasn't born until the '80s. I just love the style of everything-- the look of the pieces, the colors of the interiors, and the patterns as well. I'm a big pattern fan, not that you would have guessed it.

I just think everything about it is fantastic. So why not?