A woman on TikTok just showed why it's a bad idea to sleep with jewellery on

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Photo credit: TikTok/Positivami
Photo credit: TikTok/Positivami

You'd be forgiven for thinking that wearing a ring to bed is pretty harmless. I mean let's be honest, who hasn't accidentally forgotten to take off their jewellery from time to time before they go to sleep? In fact, some never take off their most treasured pieces.

However, TikTok user PositivAmi has proved just that it's always best to remove your rings in particular – after she woke up one morning to discover that her thumb had turned blue overnight. Ouch, ouch and ouch again!

Ami then went on to share a series of viral videos documenting her journey to freeing her thumb from the silver ring, which appears to have cut off her blood circulation.

"This morning I woke up and my ring felt super tight," she writes in the video, which has already amassed over 4.5 million views on the social media site. Ami and her partner, André, then both tried everything they could to remove the ring themselves at home.

"We Googled loads of techniques such as using string or floss," she said in a follow-up Q&A video about the incident. "I think it was too swollen and us trying to get it off made it [my thumb] break basically, which made it impossible to get [the ring] off."

After calling 111, Ami then headed to the hospital where a medic sawed the ring off her, before giving her an x-ray to confirm that sadly, she had indeed broken her thumb.

"It was so painful I can't even tell you," she says. "I lost sensation in the top of my thumb so it was numb, but I could still feel pain in the actual joint where it broke."

Naturally concerned fans took to the comments of her thumb video, with some also sharing similar tales:

"I sleep in my rings every night omg 😭"

"This happened to me and I was out and had to come in and rush my parents home, my finger was v bad"

"I’ve never taken my rings off for bed my whole life 😳"

"This happened to me a few yrs ago but with my engagement ring. My husband at the time was a mechanic and he had to cut the ring off, I cried"

"I always take mine off at night and put it back on in the morning… I’m glad I do that now 😳"


However, the TikToker has assured fans that she usually has no problem removing her rings and made a last-minute decision to wear the silver band on her other thumb. "If it had been a different scenario it probably would have come off," she said after some users suggested soap and water or olive oil would do the trick. "But because I had broken my thumb that's why it didn't come off."

We're going to ensure we leave our rings on our nightstands from now on... just as a precaution. Better safe than sorry!

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