Reddit user's chilling story highlights the dangers women face on public transport

A woman was saved from a dangerous situation thanks to a fellow commuter’s quick thinking. [Photo: Getty]
A woman was saved from a dangerous situation thanks to a fellow commuter’s quick thinking. [Photo: Getty]

A man stepped in to help a fellow commuter who was being harassed on the underground, and he used an ingenious tactic to help her out of harm’s way.

Reddit user strawberry_luv shared how she was made to feel uncomfortable after a man verbally harassed her before following her on to her train.

In a post entitled, the NYC-based woman wrote: “Thank you to the guy on subway who could read my body language“, she shared how a stranger helped her through the difficult situation.

“This guy has been standing behind me the whole 6 minutes i waited for the train. calling me baby etc [sic].

“I felt so anxious like throwing up so I stood up near a bunch of other people holding the rail,” she shared.

However, a man named Michael read the situation and stepped in to help.

She narrated: “This guy says to me hey lauren. you going to jeffs dinner party too?” i was confused for a sec because he was staring at me and my name isn’t lauren. it took me like 10 seconds to even realize what he was doing. i said yeah. and he said ‘perfect timing we can walk together. what stop were you going to get off on [sic].”

True to his word, Michael then accompanied her to the friend’s house – managing to lose the stalker along the way.

I have never been in a spot like that and I always told myself what I’d do in a situation like that but I just froze and shut down. I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that,” she wrote.

Reddit users praised Michael’s quick thinking and heroic intervention into the situation.

One wrote: “Seeing all these posts makes me want to try my best to be someone’s Michael.”

Another added: “This was great to hear. I am more scared as a single woman traveling alone around the city lately. There have been several subway attacks and some people get assaulted and never report it. You were very lucky to encounter one of the good guys.”

This isn’t the only touching story of kindness in recent months. Last month, a story of how a father treated his son’s bully like a son went viral.

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