Woman stops shaving and celebrates her natural look: 'There's nothing wrong with being hairy'

Rosie Hewett, 27, has grown to love her body hair and wants to encourage other women to do what they want with their bodies.

Credit: SWNS

Video transcript

- I stopped shaving last year, and I keep forgetting that I stopped shaving. This comes us to hating my body, as many women do, forever. Also, have leg hair is pretty good.

And I think the thing that pushed me over the edge was last Christmas, my parents bought me a laser hair removal machine. And I've been toying with not shaving for a while, after being like, I need to accept myself, Because I've always felt like I need to change who I am, or not change who I am, but change the way I think about things and what I want from life, so that I can be happy. And actually, now I just needed to accept everything about myself.

And I [BLEEP] hated shaving, I hated it so much. I stopped wearing bras years ago, because I hate how they feel. I've never really worn makeup on a daily basis. I go through little phases where I look really feminine, but then other than that, I don't really identify with my gender, don't tell anyone.

Stopping shaving threw me into self-acceptance, because I fully had to realize that other people's opinions actually don't matter. Because you can tell yourself that as much as you want, but you don't, it's very hard to believe. But yeah, I'm strong. I don't need other people's approval.

I can be hairy and feminine. I could do what I [BLEEP] want, and it's so free. And actually, I think it works. I really like it. Every day I get closer to feeling free, and you should too.