Woman spots herself in husband’s childhood photo taken years before they met

A woman revealed how she spotted herself in the background of one of her husband’s childhood photos, taken years before they met.

In recent a video posted to TikTok, which was translated from Spanish to English via Google Translate, Ailiz, @ailizmelinazambrano, shared an image of her husband, Pedro, that was captured in 2005 and showed him walking in a parade as a child.

She then shared a different photo of him that unintentionally featured her, as a child, in the background. She’s coincidentally looking at Pedro without realising it.

Ailiz then noted how crazy it was to find the image, as her younger self was completely unaware of the fact that she’d be marrying Pedro 15 years later.

As of 5 August, the video has more than 9m views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding the couple’s relationship. The comments were also translated from Spanish to English via Google Translate.

“Fate had prepared something very nice for both of them,” one person wrote.

“I have read that before meeting the person destined for you they coincide in many places, they go travelling together without knowing each other yet!,” another said.

A third person wrote: “What a pleasant memory of what destiny is like.”

During an interview with NeedToKnow.Online, Ailiz confessed that she doesn’t remember “anything about the photo”.

“I was a girl and I didn’t know [Pedro], I hadn’t seen him, I just remember that every year we went to the city parades with my mom,” she said.

She went on to express how emotional it was when she and Pedro discovered her in the photo, which she found while looking through one of his childhood photo albums.

“We were totally surprised, we couldn’t believe it, it gave us fear, happiness, many emotions because it is incredible that the photographer in the middle of the parade stopped him right at that moment where I appear [to be] looking at him,” she explained.

While they were first spotted together as young children, Ailiz said that she didn’t meet Pedro until she was 17-years-old. She introduced herself to him and confessed how “embarrassed” she felt to approach him for the first time.

“I was about to enter my classroom when it turned out that Pedro was [sitting] on a bench outside the classroom,” she continued. “I saw him and he looked at me (he had never seen me before), at that moment I smiled and I was very embarrassed because I’m not flirty and that was the first time something like this had happened.”

After two weeks of talking to each other, Pedro asked her to get married. However, the couple spent six years dating until they officially tied the knot. They’ve been married for almost two years now and have known each other for 15 years.

The Independent has contacted Ailiz for comment.