Woman sparks horror after showing Miami apartment that had rent raised by $1,500

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A woman has sparked horror after revealing what her apartment in Miami looks like and how the rent for it has been raised by $1,500 a month.

In a recent video shared on TikTok, Hanna, hanna_gracie_, documented different parts of her apartment and its building in Miami, Florida, noting how she has been paying $3,600 a month in rent.

At the start of the clip, she shared a photo of the elevator, which had a sign on it that said it was out of service. The next image featured a broken touch screen that was meant to be used in order for residents to sign for their packages.

Hanna’s apartment complex had a broken chair in the elevator, as the text over the video reads: “Is this a threat.” Her footage also included a video of a spider crawling on her stove and a photo of her gym, where all the weights appear to be missing.

She also posted some of the graffiti in her elevator and a sign in a hallway from a neighbour that says: “Please if you received a parcel by mistake return it to the address. Why keep things that are not yours? Do the right thing.”

The TikToker then included different occasions where her fire alarm could be heard in the background at 7.25am, 2.37am, and 1.09am.

According to Hanna, she has found dog urine and a carved pumpkin in her elevator. She has also arrived at her gym to see a mat and empty water bottle left on the floor.

Towards the end of the video, she documented how her apartment floors were “always covered in blood” and how there were “hair balls” in her hallway.

She noted how her rent has changed in the caption of the clip, as she wrote: “They really thought they could raise the rent on this place by $1500??”

In the comments, Hanna specified that she splits the rent with her roommate and that when they first moved in, it cost $2,100-2,200 a month.


they really thought they could raise the rent on this place by $1500?? #fyp #apartment #rent #miami #florida

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“They raised upon renewal,” she added. “We signed here because it was close to our jobs. They also do a wonderful job of hiding all of this during the tours.”

As of 31 May, the video has more than 92,000 views, with TikTok users in the comments shocked by the living space.

“I’m not playing when I say my jaw dropped seeing a roach on the counter and then proceed to stay open the rest of the video… AIN’T no way,” one wrote.

“I would simply move out,” another wrote.

Other people claimed that the apartment building is to blame and noted how expensive it can be to move.

“This building used to be so nice,” one wrote. “Sadly management has not kept up with the place and has allowed whoever to move in!”

“Everyone who is saying move,” another added. “This is the reality here now. People are being priced out of homes. I’ve had numerous friends leave the state altogether.”

According to RentCafe, a site that helps residents track monthly payments, the cost of rent for a place in Miami varies based on “location, size, and quality”. However, the average rent for an apartment is $2,132.

The Independent has contacted Hanna for comment.

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