Woman skips mom’s birthday party after discovering ‘awful’ family secret: ‘Did she even apologize?’

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A woman discovered her stepfather had secretly gotten rid of her pet years ago. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if cutting ties with her family was the right move. Her mom remarried Ben roughly 15 years ago, but she and her siblings never liked him because Ben was controlling and overbearing while they were growing up. When she and her brother were visiting their mom and Ben, as adults, it resulted in an argument. The Reddit poster’s brother revealed that years ago, when her cat went missing, Ben was the culprit. 

“Last month when we met up at their house, [things] got out of hand with their argument and my brother revealed he knows Ben was the one who got rid of my cat when he went missing,” she explained. “This caught me off guard but I got on Ben’s case and told him to tell me the truth. And it was true after all. My brother saw Ben with my cat in his car driving off once. Ben confessed he was tired of all the hairs and my cat roaming around everywhere so he took my cat to a shelter an hour away. I almost lost it right there and my mom tried to calm me down.”

To add insult to injury, the woman learned her mom had known the whole time too. 

“I took off and told them I’m not speaking to them anymore and she shouldn’t expect me at her birthday; which was a few days ago,” the poster said. “My heart was pounding and I cried a little in my car. It felt like I lost my cat all over again. I had spent months looking for him and all that time he was at a shelter. Who knows if he was even adopted because he was an older cat. My brother’s the only one who apologized for never telling me and for bringing it up like that. Everyone else is telling me to let it go already because Ben made that mistake years ago.” 

Reddit users sided with the poster on this one.

“This is not a mistake, this is her mom choosing an awful person over her children’s happiness,” one person commented

“She stood by that man while you grieved the loss of your cat. Did she even apologize?” another wrote

“I’d never speak to my family again if they let someone treat me that way,” someone said

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