Woman shares voicemail from man she blocked and cancelled date with: ‘The red flags reveal themselves’

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 ( dailydoseofoj22/TikTok)
( dailydoseofoj22/TikTok)

A woman has shared a voicemail she received from a man who she had blocked after cancelling their date, prompting many to point out the “red flags”.

In a TikTok video posted on 9 January, @dailydoseofoj22 played the voicemail and shared a transcription of the message from her iPhone.

“With all due respect, I think that was a really rude thing you did, just block me on everything,” the man could be heard saying, while the TikTok user mouthed the words along with him. “I guess I’m just not worthy to meet for a date or something like that, so it’s all good.”

The man, who she had never met, then noted that it was “petty” of him to reach out to her again, before acknowledging that he thought she was being “rude.”

“I guess I’m being petty calling you from another phone, but I think it’s just a rude thing,” he explained. “I didn’t do anything to you. If you didn’t want to meet me, you could have just told me that, I would have understood.”

He then claimed that the woman was the one who was at a “loss” and that that he could easily find another person to date.

“Trust me, it’s your loss,” he said. “I’ll just re-stock up and find someone else, that won’t be that hard. But, it’s your loss.”

“I think you would need to date me more than I would need to date you,” he added. “And with that being said, have a great day.”

The woman found some humour in the voicemail, as she wrote in the caption of the video: “A sweet message I received from a male this morning who I’ve never met.”

The video has more than 488,000 views so far, with viewers expressing their amusement over the voicemail while noting that the man sounded “dramatic”.

“Men are SOOOOO emotional,” one user claimed. “Why do they get so hysterical??”

Another person said: “I can’t imagine why a woman wouldn’t tell him she wasn’t interested. He takes rejection so well.”

Others claimed that @dailydoseofoj22 was right to cancel the date considering the voicemail, which many noted was a “red flag”.

“The red flags reveal themselves. Sorry you had to deal with that!” one person said, while another wrote: “Could you imagine the lengths he’d go to to make your life miserable if you’d been in a relationship for two years? Red flags early, a favour to women.”

Someone else added: “Aaaand this just proves that your intuition was CORRECT.”

Two days later, the woman shared a follow-up video, where she shared the circumstances leading up to the voicemail.

She explained that they used to work at the same job, although they never saw each other. However, her peers “always said he was so hot,” so she decided to add him on Facebook.

According to the woman, he then messaged her to tell her she was “so beautiful” and “caught his eye”. When she gave him her number, he “immediately asked” to go on a date and she’d agreed.

However, she said she realised shortly after that there wasn’t a connection. “It just wasn’t vibing with him,” she said. “You know when you just aren’t vibing with someone?”

In the video she then explained how he’d asked her to come and see him before work. In response, she said she’d replied: “maybe” because she was busy.

He later responded to one of her stories on social media and said: “Yeah, too busy to come to see me huh, lol.”

“I don’t like that,” she noted about his message. “So I was feeling a little spicy and blocked him on everything.”

As for why she didn’t tell the man that she no longer wanted to go on a date, she said that she felt that if she told him, he may have had a “rude” response.

She later got a call from a random person, who started yelling at her. After realising it was the man she blocked, she hung up. He then called again.

“He calls me immediately back from his place of work, and leaves a voicemail,” she said. “I could have said that I didn’t want to go on a date, but then clearly this is the response I would have gotten,” she continued, referring to the voicemail. “Probably something worse, actually.”

The Independent has reached out to @dailydoseofoj22 for a comment.

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