Woman shares results from married man’s ‘loyalty test’: ‘This is why I have trust issues’

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A woman has claimed that she would “never trust” a man again after conducting a “loyalty test” on a married man at the request of his wife.

On TikTok, user @honeyspIce regularly conducts “tests” on men to determine how loyal they are to their girlfriends after she is approached by the women.

In a video posted on 28 December, the TikTok user shared the results of one particular loyalty test that she claims made her lose faith in men. “I almost ran out of town but this one was insane,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m never trusting a man again.”

The clip began with the TikTok user reading a direct message from a woman who asked her to test her husband. In the message, the woman explained that she and her husband had been together for nine years but that she has recently noticed he had been acting “really sneaky and staying at work late” and had become suspicious.

The TikTok user said she’d do the test and reached out to the woman’s husband on Instagram, telling him that he was cute. The husband asked her who she was, and she said that she “just came across [his] profile somehow”.

“Well thank you very much for the compliment,” the husband wrote in response. “You are aware that I have a family?”

In response, the woman told the man that she thought his family was “beautiful,” but that when she sees “someone handsome” she has to tell them. She also noted that the messages she sent were at the direction of the man’s wife, who told her what to write.

The husband responded that he couldn’t “have a conversation” with her but that he thought she was “very beautiful” and couldn’t help but “look at [her] page.”


i almost ran out of town but this one was insane 😭😭 i’m never trusting a man again

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"I wanted to be as dry as I could,” she said about her responses to the conversation. “That way if he was making any moves it was on him and not me.”

The conversation then continued with the husband messaging: “I do have a wife, but there is no harm in having a new friend,” to which the TikToker replied: “We are just friends, no need to hide anything anyway right?”

After agreeing with her message, the man responded: “I would never cheat on my wife but a young girl like you makes me want to.”

In response, the TikToker said she was told to tell the woman’s husband she was living in Phoenix, Arizona, which was close by to the couple. He found this “very tempting.”

During the conversation, the man then asked the TikToker to meet for coffee, which she told him might not be “appropriate” considering he was married.

He agreed but said his wife doesn’t mind if he has friends, so she encouraged him to bring his wife. However, the husband declined, noting that he didn’t want his wife to see “how much you tempt me”.

The TikTok user didn’t respond, which prompted the man to follow up and ask her to meet another day. According to the woman, the man’s wife instructed her to ask where he wanted to meet, just to see if “he’d go and actually meet this person”.

When he showed up at their meeting spot, a Starbucks in Phoenix, he messaged her: “Want me to meet you inside or would you like to meet at my truck?”

The video has since been viewed more than 2.6m times on TikTok, where viewers have revealed that the husband’s behaviour has made them concerned about their own future relationships.

“Nine years down the drain,” one person wrote. “A whole family…this just scares me to ever get married.”

Another viewer said: “The way he tried for four seconds and then immediately gave up.”

However, others claimed that the marriage already had problems before the “loyalty test” considering the man’s wife felt the need to test him.

“The second you ask a stranger to test your partner, you already lost,” one person wrote, while another said: “She should’ve already known when she was doubting his loyalty after nine years.”

Someone else noted that “loyalty tests are red flags too”.

On 3 January 2022, the TikToker shared a follow-up video, in which she explained that she sent screenshots of her conversation with the husband to his wife when he left to meet her at Starbucks. However, the wife ended up asking her to block her husband, before claiming that the TikToker “tempted him” and “took it too far”. According to the TikToker, the woman also said that the test was a mistake and that she and her husband were happy.

“So I’m assuming from those messages that they most likely worked things out,” @honeyspIce said in the video. “And she forgave him. Because it seems like she just blamed the entire thing on me. But yeah, I don’t have much to say to that.”

The Independent has contacted @honeyspIce for a comment.

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