Woman shares ‘green flag’ email she received from company after turning down job offer: ‘We are very sad’

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Woman shares ‘green flag’ email she received from company after turning down job offer: ‘We are very sad’

A woman has shared the “green flag” email she received from a company’s human resources department after she turned down their offer of employment.

Stephanie, who goes by the username @essenceofstephanie on TikTok, uploaded a video about the “sweet” email she received last month, in which she explained that she received the note from the company after informing them that she’d decided to accept another job offer elsewhere.

“Okay this is actually the f***ing best. This is the email that was sent to me from a company that I just told I wasn’t going to take their employment offer because I got a better one,” Stephanie began the video.

In the video, Stephanie then read out the company’s email, in which the prospective employer had informed her that they were “very very sad” she would not be joining the company, before wishing her “all the best” in her future endeavours.

“This is what they said: ‘As discussed and agreed on the phone,’” Stephanie read aloud, while showing the email’s numbered list of points, before reading out the first point, which read: “We are very very sad.”

The TikToker then read out the second point on the list, in which the company had expressed their happiness for her “great opportunity”.

“I am very happy for your great opportunity and wish you all the best,” Stephanie read, before moving on to point three of the list, which read: “We will keep in touch, and you will reach out to us if things are not as you expected.”


LOL my little ego be pumping iron today 🤣🤣🤣 💪🏼

♬ original sound - S T E P H 🐝

The fourth and final point on the list joked about the possibility of Stephanie sending the company a “clone” of herself to fill the role she turned down.

“Four: You will send our way any ‘amazing clone of yours’ that you will meet on your way,” she continued reading while laughing, before concluding: “That’s the best. That is the f***ing best.”

In the caption of the video, which has since been viewed more than 364,000 times, Stephanie joked about the positive impact the email had on her ego, writing: “LOL my little ego be pumping iron today.”

The TikToker wasn’t the only one who loved the email, as hundreds of users took to the comments section under the video to share their own appreciation of the “human” note.

“Business done right. I love this,” one person commented, while another said: “Green flags for company culture right there.”

“I wish more companies made us feel valued like this!” someone else added.

According to another TikTok user, who identified themself as a recruiter, they loved the email because of how “human” it was, while another recruiter revealed that they’ve wanted to send “similar” emails before but “always feared coming across as unprofessional”.

“This is so wholesome,” someone else added.

Others admitted that they would reconsider accepting the company’s job offer because of the email. “That would make me reconsider so fast,” one person wrote, while another said: “That email would have me second-guessing my decision.”

“That’s so cute! Definitely a green flag if the better offer doesn’t work out well,” someone else wrote.

The Independent has contacted Stephanie for comment.