Woman shares ‘exact moment’ she knew she and husband could save their marriage

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Woman shares moment she knew relationship with husband could be saved (TikTok / @caitlinfladager)
Woman shares moment she knew relationship with husband could be saved (TikTok / @caitlinfladager)

A woman has shared an emotional video of the “exact moment” that she knew she and her husband could save their marriage from ending.

Caitlin Fladager, an influencer from Vancouver, who goes by the username @caitlinfladager on Instagram and TikTok, frequently shares insights into her life as a mother and wife on social media.

In one video posted to TikTok in August, Fladager revealed that, at one point, she and her husband, who were high school sweethearts, were “so close to a divorce” and that she thought there was no hope they would save their relationship.

However, the mother-of-two realised that the pair, who separated for a year, could fix their marriage after capturing a moment in a video that she had taken of her family celebrating a birthday, in which her husband could be seen looking up at her with a loving expression.

In the black-and-white clip, Fladager has her attention focused on the couple’s child while her husband stares at her, with the influencer noting that she realised while watching the video that the relationship could be saved.

“I could see the love for me all over his face,” Fladager captioned the video. “I captured the exact moment I knew we could save our marriage.”

The video has since gone viral on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 29.9m times, with many viewers emotional over the poignant moment in the couple’s relationship.


I could see the love for me all over his face. I captured the exact moment I knew we could save our marriage. #fy #marriedlife #hardwork #repost #love

♬ Still Falling For You - From "Bridget Jones's Baby" - Ellie Goulding

“This is precious… good for you guys for never giving up!” one person commented.

Another said: “This made my heart melt. The look he gives you is pure love. Never let that go.”

“That literally gave me goosebumps,” someone else added.

While speaking with The Independent, Fladager revealed that she had taken the video a few years ago during the point she and her husband were separated. At the time, she had posted it to Instagram and received numerous comments from viewers pointing out the love still evident between the couple.

“I had a lot of people leave comments saying they could see the love in his eyes for me and that we needed to work it out, and I went back and rewatched the video and realised people were right!” she said. “I didn’t even notice until I really watched the video over and over again.”

As for how the couple ultimately strengthened their relationship, Fladager told us that she and her husband began attending counselling and therapy, both separately and together.

According to Fladager, she and her husband also “slowly started dating again,” with the influencer explaining that they didn’t move back in together right away as both wanted to make sure that it would work for themselves and their two young children before taking the step.

“After that it was a process of me learning what my toxic behaviours were and working on myself, while he also worked on himself,” the mother-of-two added.

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