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Woman shares ‘the best hack ever for home decor’: ‘I truly hate to be braggadocious’

One creator is sharing what she claims is “the best hack” for home decor.

On Aug. 21, Alyssa Collins (@lyssielooloo), a 27-year-old creator in San Diego, took to TikTok to share a user-friendly method for envisioning what an item looks like in your space before buying it.

“OK, I truly hate to be braggadocious, but I feel like I have the best hack ever for home decor, if you see something online that you really like but you don’t know how it would look in your house,” Collins begins. “It’s called ‘The Power of Copy and Paste.'”

Collins says that when she first shows people how to do it, they “are seriously flabbergasted.” She then demonstrates this “power,” using an iPhone photo she took of her kitchen, after debating for a while whether she should purchase a runner for it.

What’s ‘The Power of Copy and Paste’?

“So I’ve been browsing Facebook Marketplace, and I come across this beauty. And I’m like, ‘Hmm, I have no idea if that would look good with my kitchen colors,” Collins explains, describing a “vintage Turkish runner” she found for $185. “So I just save the photo off of Facebook Marketplace, and then I press and hold on the rug, click copy. And then I bring a photo of my kitchen into the Instagram app, and I press paste.”

As she looks at the finished mock-up, Collins says, “Tell me that doesn’t look realistic. And now I know exactly what the runner would look like in my kitchen.”

Collins then uses the same method to see how a set of lilac curtains from Urban Outfitters would work.

“Copy, paste ’em. I gotta get them. They’re so cute,” she says. “But, yeah, I’ve done this for pretty much every single item in my entire house. And trust me when I say the mockups look very realistic to how they actually look.”

‘Had to watch this twice to really cement how to do it’

Based on Collins’s comment section, many users appear to be impressed with her simple-to-use hack. Other creators with a background in interior design have shared additional tips on how to ensure that the item actually fits correctly in the space.

“Bragadocious is in my vocabulary now,” @chelseymun_ wrote.

“As an interior designer….make sure you scale it correctly!!! Measure twice buy once!” @savscov cautioned.

“Had to watch this twice to really cement how to do it,” @its.indigogo wrote, to which Collins replied, “It starts to become muscle memory after a wee bit.”

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