Woman shares ‘beautiful’ moment she informed her father with Alzheimer’s that she was pregnant

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Woman shares moment she tells father with Alzheimer’s that she is pregnant  (Getty Images)
Woman shares moment she tells father with Alzheimer’s that she is pregnant (Getty Images)

A woman has shared the heartwarming moment that she told her father with Alzheimer’s that she was pregnant after three years of fertility struggles.

Olivia Salza, who goes by the username @oliviasalza on TikTok, reflected on the sweet interaction between herself and her father in a video uploaded in December, in response to a TikTok prompt encouraging users to reshare the best video they posted in 2021.

In the clip, Salza can be seen greeting her father, who was in a hospital bed, before asking him whether he knows who she is.

After her father correctly identified her, Salza asked her dad whether he could keep a secret, at which point she revealed that she was pregnant.

The announcement prompted an emotional response from Salza’s father, who could be seen tearing up at the news that he was going to be a grandfather again.

As Salza’s father reacted to the news, she expressed her gratitude to her dad and what he has “done for me my whole life”.

“But that’s what we do. Remember all the softball games?” her dad responded, before reminiscing about the games from Salza’s childhood.

In the original clip, which Salza uploaded in February 2021, she revealed in the caption that she was able to share the news with her father after three years of fertility struggles.

“Telling my dad who has Alzheimer’s that we’re pregnant after a three-year fertility struggle,” she captioned the video, which has been viewed more than 2.4m times.

The reshared clip has since been viewed an additional 4.1m times, with hundreds of viewers sharing their emotional responses to the interaction.


Answer @tiktok my claim to fame.. having the cutest dad ever, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since this moment! #alzheimersdisease #pregnant

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

“I tried to hold back the tears but when he started naming off memories, I lost it,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “I love this. You can tell he’s an amazing dad filled with love.”

In response to one viewer who was moved by Salza’s father remembering her softball games, she admitted that the moment “broke me to my core”.

“He coached my teams from a little girl all the way through college. Never missed a game or practise,” she revealed.

In October, Salza shared a follow-up to her initial video, in which she captured the moment that her father met his first grandson for the first time.


The long awaited video of my Dad meeting his grandson for the first time 🥲 #fyp #endalz #alzheimersdisease #grandpaandgrandson

♬ original sound - Olivia Salza

The sentimental clip sees Salza’s father admit that he is shaking from nerves before the meeting, before he happily greeted his grandson.

“This is the one I’ve been watching all the time, it’s the same,” he can be heard saying as he smiled down at the infant.

In the comments, the sweet moment prompted renewed praise, with one person quoting Salza’s father and adding: “We don’t know what happens in their brains, he may have met him already.”

“This is such a beautiful moment, thank you so much for sharing,” someone else wrote.

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