Woman shares ‘amazing’ moment her boyfriend told her father he was kidney donation match

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A woman has shared the heartwarming moment that her boyfriend informed her father he was a kidney donation match.

Jen Souther, from Kentucky, shared a video of the emotional interaction on TikTok, where she goes by the username @jsouther93. In the clip, she filmed her father as he opened a card from her boyfriend Brian, in which Brian informed him he would be able to donate his kidney.

“My boyfriend telling my dad that he’s a match for a kidney donation,” Souther wrote in a text caption on the video.

Her father is seen reading the card before standing up to embrace her boyfriend. The pair then sat back down at the table grinning widely.

The video has since been viewed more than 1.9m times and includes Souther calling her boyfriend a “true lifesaver”.

In a follow-up video, Souther shared a photo of the card in question, which reads: “You’ve got to be kidneying me! We’re a match!” alongside a drawing of two kidneys. Souther also shared the original clip without music, in which her dad could be heard initially joking about the card including money. “Is there gonna be money in it?” he asked to laughter from the family.

The videos have since received an outpouring of emotional comments from viewers, with many applauding Souther’s boyfriend for the incredible gesture.

“I cannot imagine someone loving me so much that they would do this for my family. How special. All the best to you all,” one person wrote, while another said: “There’s ‘I love you’ and then there’s ‘I love you so much I’ll give your dad a kidney.’”

“That is a soulmate right there. Wow. What a selfless thing to do,” someone else wrote.

Others urged Souther to marry her boyfriend, with one viewer encouraging her to “propose to him,” while someone else joked: “I think you misspelled husband.”

In response to a request for Souther to make a video when the pair get married, she wrote: “Hopefully soon!”

The emotional video was also met with requests for Souther to continue sharing her father and boyfriend’s journey.

“Keep us updated if it’s not too much to ask! Literally crying tears of happiness,” one person commented, to which Souther said that she would, but that surgery hadn’t yet been scheduled.

The Independent has contacted Souther for comment.

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