Woman who shared the one regret in her life has wish fulfilled by stranger

A filmmaker stepped in to fulfill Celia’s wish (@CeliaBedelia/Twitter)
A filmmaker stepped in to fulfill Celia’s wish (@CeliaBedelia/Twitter)

A woman has shared how one of her biggest wishes in life was granted by a stranger on social media.

In a post shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, earlier this month, a woman named Celia described how she was reminded of one regret she had, after a conversation with her daughter. She further explained that feeling with a photo of a gray sweater with puffins on it that she, unfortunately, didn’t purchase.

“My daughter asked, ‘Do you ever have any regrets, Mom?’” Celia wrote. “And while I know she was asking this question on a philosophical level, my mind immediately went to this puffin sweater I saw in Iceland.”

She concluded: “It’s been three years since I saw it in a shop there, and I still regret not buying it.”

As the post quickly went viral on X, with more than 4.4m views, it also caught the eye of filmmaker Dave Wiskus. In response to Celia, he stepped in to fulfill her wish for a puffin sweater, revealing that he has one that’s never worn.

“My regret is that I bought this exact sweater for my wife two years ago. She has worn it zero times,” Wiskus wrote. “I’m in NYC. Cover shipping and it’s yours.”

Celia was understandably shocked by this sweet offer, as she responded: “What!!? Are you serious!!?” He then replied: “I would never joke about a puffin sweater.”

Days later, Celia took to X to confirm she was the proud owner of a puffin sweater, courtesy of Wiskus. She also expressed her gratitude to her followers, after they shared their own regrets about not purchasing an item they liked.

“People are amazing! Just 10 days ago, I shared a thought about one of my regrets in life. Of course, not buying a sweater sounds like a minor regret, but SO MANY could relate!” she wrote. “And then @dwiskus made my wish a reality. This sweater made it from NYC to Berlin in record time.”

Multiple people then expressed how happy they were for Celia, since she now had the sweater, and praised Wiskus for sending it to her.

“I’ve been thinking about this ever since you posted. This makes me so happy to hear. Absolute legend, Dave,” one tweeted in response.

“OMGGGGGGG!!!!!! So happy for you!!! And it fits like it was made for you. Glad the puffin sweater found its true home. Thanks for documenting this awesome moment for us, this is what social media should be about!” another wrote.

Wiskus even replied: “Suits you perfectly. What a wholesome journey. It’s the Paddington of puffin sweaters.”

He also reshared Celia’s post and quipped: “One time I went to Iceland and accidentally bought a sweater for a stranger on the internet.”

The Independent has contacted Celia for comment.