A woman said her butt was 'chopped off' after being sucked into a boat's propeller. She's been documenting her hospital journey, as shocked viewers pray for her recovery.

  • Kenzey Hunt was run over by a boat and sucked into the propeller while tubing in August.

  • Since the terrifying ordeal, Hunt and her sister Sydney have made numerous videos documenting her recovery.

  • In one video, she drew viewers a diagram of how her butt was "chopped off" by the propeller.

After a scary boating accident, a woman has been documenting her long and painful recovery journey through her sister's TikTok account. Earlier this month, the 20-year-old Kenzey Hunt told viewers her butt was chopped off by the boat's propeller, which meant she was unable to sit for three months properly.

Hunt and her sister Sydney, who has an account with over 50,000 followers, began documenting her hospitalization in late August, several days after the injury occurred. The Utah-based sisters have since made over a dozen videos related to Hunt's recovery.

In an August 30 video that has been viewed over 2.5 million times, Hunt explained how the accident unfolded. She said she and Sydney were on a girl's trip to South Carolina with friends and decided to go tubing one day with one of her friend's boyfriend's friends, who they didn't know. When one of the girls fell off her tube, one of the men driving the boat went to pick her up.

"He made a really sharp U-turn and the rope was really slacked, and he just came, hit me, head on, and I was still laying on the tube headfirst," she recalled.


Hunt said she was sucked under the boat, got hit by the propeller, and was whipped by the rope when she came up from the water.

"It got my butt pretty good, so my butt was just kind of open," she said in the TikTok. "I felt it, and there was just blood everywhere."

She said her sister jumped in the water to help her and was "in shock" upon seeing the blood. She said the guy in the boat lifted her up and had to put her "butt back together."

The cops were called and she was quickly transported to the hospital, she said. In total, she was left with a gashing butt injury, propeller bruises going down her leg, deep cuts and fractures on her foot, and a pelvis fracture. She said she also needed an ostomy bag, or a medical device to collect waste, for six months.

However horrendous, Hunt has made several videos poking fun at the butt injury. "Did it hurt when you got hit by a boat and it chopped your butt off?" on-screen text of one video read, which features Hunt sarcastically lip-syncing, "Ahh, oh my goodness I love this question!" In response to curious viewers and commenters who identified as medical professionals, Hunt made a video specifically describing what happened to her butt and even drew a diagram of how it was split apart.

Hunt told Insider that the propeller caused 5-to-6 "pretty deep" lacerations on her body and her tush needed to be "spread out" and "pushed or held together."

"One of the cuts did leave a section hanging off," she said. "I had towels pushed up against the wounds until the EMTs were able to wrap it up better."

Over the last month, Hunt has made numerous videos responding to viewers' questions — including whether she held any ill will against the man who ran her over. While she said she was frustrated about the overall situation at the time, she has forgiven him and does not plan on suing.

Hunt told Insider she was hospitalized for a total of 18 days between two hospitals in South Carolina. She returned home on September 1, which she and Sydney also documented in a TikTok video. Hunt said it felt "freeing and relieving" to finally be able to go home.

"My injuries are unique, and with not being able to put any weight on my butt or foot, [it] makes moving around and relaxing difficult," she told Insider. "We've been able to figure out a good system for me to get around, shower, sleep ... Having to move around and figuring out a new system has been a little harder mentally because that's when it really hits me how real it all is. But I have had incredible help and support to get me through."

In one of her most recent videos from this past weekend, Hunt shared a "Get Ready With Me"(GRWM) vlog preparing for one of her best friend's weddings. It's the first time since her accident that she's been able to get ready for an event, she noted.

Commenters throughout the ordeal have applauded her for her remarkable positive attitude.

"I find your outlook and attitude fantastic! I can see you have ups and downs, but you are really inspiring," one person under an update video from late August; "What a milestone and you both looked gorgeous!" another commenter exclaimed about her and Sydney's final looks from the GRWM.

Hunt said she's looking forward to "so many things" when she fully recovers, like returning to work as a youth mentor for a residential treatment center for teen boys.

"I can't wait to just be independent and be able to take care of myself," she added. "I can't wait for all the simple things like sitting, driving, walking normal, getting ready, sitting at a restaurant...so many things."

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